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Below are some unsolicited letters of support from our students:
(As the courses are the same, please also see the comments page on our In Her Name website)

As someone who has studied with numerous, numerous mystery schools, I always come back to the Lyceum. I was really thinking about how much I have learned from you through the training and course work that I have done thus far. You really have taught me so much. There is an energy transfer from you to me that is almost palpable when I engage in the coursework, and I know that I have been forever changed. Out of all the teachers or mentors that I have had, you are the only one who respected my energy, my connection to Goddess, without trying to change it or judge it. It is such a breath of fresh air, and so very validating. Thank you so much for that!
In gratitude, A.W. from TN

I tend to be gun-shy, suspicious, not to say downright cynical about groups in general and especially correspondence courses -- since I work for a college, we are not favorably impressed by 'degrees by mail!' Having explained all that, I have loved the Crossroads Lyceum courses, and never had anything but warm, compassionate support and encouragement from not only the Archpriestess, but all the priests and priestesses connected with the Lyceum. I've greatly enjoyed the course materials and although I have studied on my own and with a few others for many years before enrolling in the CR Lyceum, my work in the correspondence courses brought many vivid dreams and experiences that deepened my growth amazingly! Really, I can't think of anything but good things to say about my experiences in this Path!
A.B. from WA

About the two websites we maintain - the Fellowship of Isis Homepage and our Lyceum website:

I think that was a driving force behind my looking for a group like FOI; I came to realize that the answer was beyond those books on my shelves. When I found the FOI website, I knew. If the main site is a bright, shining, gold stone, then the Crossroads site is a beautiful, tranquil, warm and welcoming amethyst.
M.W. from VA


From FOI co-founder, the late Olivia Robertson:
(Olivia reviewed and approved the CRL curriculum and Connia Silver received all her certifications directly from her.)

"I have great faith in your Lyceum and its spiritual Radiations, so important as the New Age movement gathers ever-increasing momentum. Lawrence and I send you all our warmest Blessings to you and your dedicated work in spreading the Truth, Love and Glory of the Goddess. Blessings of Isis and Hecate." (18th April, 1994)

"I have always admired her spiritual courses, which provide a safe pathway through the Crossroads of Hecate! Through the years, Connia has provided guidance and help to so many members, helping them to understand and pursue the ways of Isis." (2nd March, 2011)

"I can safely recommend your course - and have done so. Lots of love & joy & love & laughter, Olivia" (22nd March, 2013)

You may also read Olivia's letter of support for our sister-Temple - In Her Name here: Good Works letter

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