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Thank you for your interest in the Crossroads Correspondence Lyceum!

Walking the path of the Goddess is one of Love, Beauty and Truth, and we endeavor to convey these attributes in all associations with you. Our Lyceum is a home-study mystery school within the Fellowship of Isis. We offer a complete range of courses in for personal spiritual growth, and all Goddesses and all pantheons are honored here.

Since 1993, our Lyceum has provided various programs of study in the Fellowship of Isis degree systems. And for those who wish FOI ordination, we also offer a Priesthood training program. Above all, our courses are written for the student to enhance their own spiritual growth and establish a deep relationship with the Goddess. We are located within the United States, but have students from around the world.

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The hallmarks of our Lyceum are its experience, professionalism, and commitment to our members. A personal advisor is provided to each student upon enrollment.

Members are also invited to participate in our Iseum Temple, which recognizes service to others through volunteer work and the sharing of spiritual experiences. We also have the Crossroads Torchlight All activities are entirely voluntary, and the privacy of our students is always respected.

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