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The Archer King

Reyna Thera Lorele

Offers a Robin Hood for the New Millenium - one in which he cannot triumph without the love of his long-lost childhood friend, Maerin, pledged to another man and another God.

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Crystal & Gemstone Divination

Gail Butler

Illustrations of stone layouts and examples of real life readings help to enhance insights and hone intuitive powers to acquire Life Lessons and Health Guidance. Also wrote: Rockhounding California

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Days to the Gallows:
A Novel of the Hartford Witch Panic

Katherine Spada Basto

Based on a true story...before the Salem Witch 1662, a witch panic struck Hartford.

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The Devourer

Julie McCord

The Devourer is a high fantasy with strong female characters and a dark heart. Also a contributing author to The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy

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The Goddess Pages:
A Divine Guide to Finding Love, Success, and Happiness

Laurie Sue Brockway

By providing mythology, history, rituals, prayers, and exercises, the author reveals how anyone can tap into the power of the Goddess to improve all areas of their life. Also wrote: Wedding Goddess : A Divine Guide to Transforming Wedding Stress into Wedding Bliss

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Priestesses Pythonesses & Sibyls:
Sacred Voices of Women
who speak with and for the Gods

edited by: Sorita d'Este
Contributors: Connia Silver (Chapter on Waking Dreams) & Nimue (Selene artwork)

Practices represented in this volume are drawn from the experiences and research of 21 women from around the world, each providing their own unique vision of the Divine. Also a contributing author in: Hekate, Her Sacred Fires

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Singing with the Sirens

Ellyn Bell & Stacey Bell

With metaphors of goddesses and sea creatures as guides, this book addresses the challenges faced by adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and encourages reclamation of personal voice and power.

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The Spinning Wheel: The Art of Mythmaking

Gwendolyn Endicott

This is the 2nd of two books, which takes you on a journey from the archetypal to the personal image, helping to accelerate personal growth. Also wrote: Crone Trekking in Coyote Land

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Star's Reflection

Gail Nyoka

Even in ancient times the magic that made the mirror of Het Heru had been a mystery. Is it by chance that the mirror is now in the hands of two fourteen-year-old students in Toronto? The old magic weaves into the twenty-first century in this tale of two times. Also wrote: Mella And the N'anga: An African Tale

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A Witch's Diary: Lessons for the Advanced Student
Who Wants to Start a Coven

Lady Lilith

Entries from the diary of the author take you through her personal journey of spiritual growth over a year-and-a-day, as a High Priestess in her coven. Also wrote: If Mermaids Could Dance

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