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FOI Centers of CRL Members

Below is a partial list of FOI centers that our students have formed over the years (in alphabetical order):

Inner Temple of the Golden Heart Iseum
dedicated to: Ma'at & Thoth in New York, USA

Daughters of Light Iseum
dedicated to: Mary Magdalene in Tennessee, USA

Iseum de la Sagrada Espiral del Sur
(Sacred Spiral of the South Iseum)
dedicated to: Isis & Osiris in Chile

Iseum of Aset’s Heku
dedicated to: Aset & Asar in California, USA

Lyceum of the Serpent Queen
Iseum of Black Isis

dedicated to: Isis in California, USA

Iseum of Brighid's Sacred Hawthorne
dedicated to: Brighid in New York, USA

Iseum of the Celtic Goddess
dedicated to: Dana in Ontario, Canada

Iseum of the Emerald Flame
dedicated to: Goddess of Sovereignty
& God-King of the Land in Michigan, USA

Iseum Felinus Divinis
dedicated to: Bast in California, USA

Iseum of the Graceful Goddess
dedicated to: Selket in Pennsylvania, USA

Iseum of the Golden Wheel
dedicated to: Olwen in Illinois, USA

Iseum of Inner Fires
dedicated to: Isis in Gauteng, South Africa

Iseum of Iset the Eternal
dedicated to: Iset in Wisconsin, USA

Iseum of Isis, Heart of the Stars
dedicated to Isis & the Anahata Chakra in Florida, USA

Iseum of the Hearth of the Goddess
dedicated to: Grainne in Hawaii, USA

Iseum of the Mystic Isis
dedicated to: Isis in Indiana, USA

Iseum of Nephthys
dedicated to: Nephthys in Hastings, New Zealand

Iseum of the Open Heart
dedicated to: Isis, Osiris and Horus in West Virginia, USA

Iseum of Pele's Flame
dedicated to: Pele & Ku in Washington, USA

Iseum of the Radiant Flame
dedicated to: Hwt-Hrw/Sekhmet & Brighid in Lorain, OH

Iseum of the Sacred Hearth of Selene
dedicated to: Selene, Brigid, Bastet and Freya in Arizona, USA

Iseum of Thalassa, Goddess of the Sea
dedicated to: Thalassa in Southern Maryland, USA

Iseum of the Triple Mare
dedicated to: Epona, Rhiannon & Macha in Virginia, USA

Journeying the Underworld Iseum
dedicated to: Hekate, in Maine, USA

Lyceum of Hathor's Mirror
Iseum of Hathor's Mirror
dedicated to: Hathor in Victoria, Australia

Lyceum of the Wayfarer
Iseum of the Green World
dedicated to: Morgan le Fay & Manannan Mac Lir in California, USA

Medusa Iseum
dedicated to Medusa-Artemis, Isis and Inanna in Solingen, Germany

Pagans for Preemies
(FOI Special Project) in Massachusetts, USA

Priory of the Sacred Seasons Circle
dedicated to: Gaia in Pennsylvania, USA

Rainbow Haven Crow's Nest Iseum
dedicated to: Three Morrigu in Minnesota, USA

Sacred Arts Iseum
dedicated to: Sekhmet in Ohio, USA

Sanctuary of Isis Iseum
dedicated to: Isis in Idaho, USA

Sacred Seasons Circle Iseum
dedicated to: Gaia
Pennsylvania, USA

Serpent of Fire Sisterhood Iseum
dedicated to: Isis in Kentucky, USA

Sophia's Hearth Iseum
dedicated to: Sophia in Victoria, B.C.

Star Blossom Grove
dedicated to: Morrigan & Nuada in California, USA

Star of the Way Shower Iseum
dedicated to Isis of 10-Thousand Names in Massachusetts, USA

Temenos Iseum
dedicated to: Isis in Arizona, USA

Three Ravens Iseum
dedicated to: Menrva, Epona, Morgan & Vesta in Massachusetts, USA

Wanderland Rainforest Iseum
dedicated to: Isis in Oregon, USA

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