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Ritual experiences submitted by:

Rue RowanOak
Cerridwen Quinne
Tara K.


Creation of a Shrine
By: Rue RowanOak

While visualizing the pool of lilies, the Star of Isis (I saw it as having six rays like the Star of David), brightened. It shot rays of light into my upturned palms. Isis spoke and said, "Your new life now begins." My palms tingled throughout the portion of the ritual where I named and visualized those that needed healing. I felt my clothing change! It changed into a sheath, a long pleated shift. In my mind's eye I could see that it was a pleated shift of Egyptian style. It was white with blue edging embroidered with silver and gold stars.

I felt something placed upon my head and my upper arms were encircled with metallic bands. I saw myself clad as a priestess of Isis (which I was during an Egyptian past life). The feeling of being in priestess clothing lasted until I heard a loud clap of thunder upon which the experience stopped abruptly as I was startled right out of the meditation.

Out of a sunny, hot day, a thunderstorm had sprung up during my ritual with much thunder and wind, followed by the loud snap of raindrops on the sill outside my bedroom wherein my altar resides inside a closet I converted into a temple.

Creation of a Shrine
By: Cerridwen Quinne

When I began to perform this ritual, I could feel large hands resting on my shoulders from behind. During the meditation, I saw something that I had seen during my work with the Path of Balance: the sun and the moon moved toward each other above my head where they merged and fell through my crown, coursed the axis of my body, and rose back up through my crown and assumed their positions in the sky. I then saw people try an attack me, but protectors kept thwarting their efforts and so I knew that the Mother was sending me protection. I had been asking for this protection, as I have noticed that the more I delve into my spiritual “work,” the more negativity and obstacles seem to come my way. The Path of the Priestess has been particularly challenging, but the message was clear: despite appearances, I am protected.

After the ritual, I felt exhausted and went to bed. In Dreamtime, I saw a grand wizard; he was tall and wore a long white robe. He reached his hand out to me as if to encourage me to grab it and go with him. I noticed that his hands were large with long, long fingers that terminated in well manicured nails. I felt myself reach for his hand, but then I awoke!!! But I believe that I have accepted a new adventure! I have joined him, and the journey will be manifested in my life experiences on all realms. I now realize that the large hands resting on my shoulders before the ritual were probably his.

Creation of a Shrine
By: Grainne

As I was preparing for the ritual and getting everything I needed together someone who did not know that I needed one gifted me with a little green scarab. This gift felt like a blessing on my work.

I bathed myself and cleansed the area before setting up the Shrine. I had bought a beautiful statue of winged Isis and used pale blue candles that reminded me of the blue Egyptian Lotus.

I performed the ritual and I was very moved by the Oracle, especially when Isis speaks of all Her sons and daughters as the fragments of Her beloved Osiris. When I got to the meditation I visualized the pool of lilies. The pool was rectangular like the pools in Egyptian temples. The sky was inky black, with the Moon far to the west and only a little light showing in the east. Out of the center of the pool Isis rose enthroned, wearing the throne hieroglyph as a crown. As I started to look up into Her face the scene changed and I was in the middle of a large crowd. I could feel my bare feet touching the earth of the street. The street was wide and there were large mud brick buildings on either side. There were so many people that I could not see very much. I think that it was a festival in ancient Egypt. Everyone in the crowd was watching the pylons waiting for the procession to begin. The sun was shining brightly and it was a little hot out. The gates opened and many Priests and Priestesses were walking in procession. The Priestesses were playing musical instruments and both Priests and Priestesses were carrying sacred objects or flowers. Something large was approaching, it was a wooden boat being carried by bald Priests wearing white kilts. The boat held a beautiful image of Isis, She was enthroned but with wings outstretched and She wore the disk and horns. There had heel a lot of cheering and shouting before but when the boat appeared everything went quiet. The Priests walked very slowly and sometimes they would back up a few steps. The boat passed and I turned to smile at my friends, who were all dressed in simple linen robes, as I was. They were all young men and I believe that I was as well. We were all excited about having a chance to see the boat of Isis and about the festivities planned for later.

At that moment the scene changed again. I felt like "myself" again. I was looking at Earth from outer space. Isis was floating in outer space with Her arms/wings wrapped around the planet. She was wearing a crown of blue lotuses. She then opened Her arms/wings and flapped them to clear the Earth of the poisons that pollute it. I felt very protected and nurtured as I was watching all this. The crown of lotuses that She was wearing slowly became suns. I heard a sound like an intaken breath and the rustle of wings and the suns became the innumerable stars. In the darkness between the stars I could see the wings of Isis moving through the vastness of space. I heard another sound that is hard to describe. It started out like a ringing or like singing bowls but then it became more complex; like a whole orchestra with choruses of men and women or perhaps Gods and Goddesses or perhaps the stars themselves were singing. The sound was in every octave but all in harmonies of the same note.

The stars seemed to form into the creatures of the constellations as well as women and men who danced and played in intergalactic space. A gentle strong voice said "Behold the future".

After a while the star creatures returned to being stars and in the darkness of space a face was formed. The face was of Isis and She seemed to be made out of the amazing sound that was continuing as if the vibrations themselves could manifest in material form. Her face appeared on my right, on the left the face of Osiris appeared. They were both gently smiling. Both faces were enormous, at least three or four stories tall and looked like the ancient Egyptian statues, except that these were very obviously alive and vibrating with energy. I felt myself to be so tiny between these two mighty forces but I did not feel insignificant. I felt a great love emanating from them. I felt both balanced and supported while I was between them and a great happiness welled up from within myself. I also felt the release of a lot of sadness. The powerful voice said that "This is the way that it is supposed to be. The faces faded into space and I saw the stars again, only this time each star was the heart of a person or other being. The sound became softer and softer. The star people were playing in the universe but then it seemed that they became children playing on the grass in the sun and I could hear their laughter and voices. The voice spoke one more time saying " Make sure that you are proud of all that you create, for what you create is like your children, formed of your substance. Just as our children which is all the life you see around you is an expression of our being."

After that the scene changed again and I was back sitting in front of the lily pool but now the Moon had completely set and the Sun was sending its bright rays over the land. Isis was now no longer visible in the pool. I could see that I was in the temple courtyard with its columnades surrounding me on all four sides, the columns were shaped like the sacred lotus and a brightly painted freize going all around the top. I looked up into the blue sky and returned to consciousness.

Creation of a Shrine
By: Sage

The shrine I have created is small and portable, including a picture of an imagined temple to Isis and an image of Her. My stone was a carnelian, which I have used as an association with Isis for some time now.

In my meditation, the lily pond was rectangular and made of sandstone, with a broad rim, set in a sandstone patio with desert beyond, and a glimpse of water (the Nile, I suppose) off to my right. Surprisingly, the lilies were white, not blue. The temperature was perfect, not yet hot but warm. It was very beautiful. My Lady - or I should say my Ladies -appeared on the far side of the pond, like twins, Isis and Sophia, blue and red, then, as I watched, they merged into one being, robed in purple. She rose above me and my world was suffused with purple, I was lost in a cloud of purple and for a time my sense of the pond disappeared. Then She settled on the wall of the pond next to me.

She sent me a number of images, of the different ways it is possible to love, making it clear that she is the Wisdom of Love, Isis Sophia. Then, She took my hand and led me over the rim and into the pond. The water was warm and pleasant and clear, the pond about knee height. "You see," She said, "the lilies are contained. They depend on us for their lives." In the water I could see the pots in which the lilies had their roots.

Then She drew me down, to lie in the water, briefly face down then on my back. The water lapped gently around me and I floated completely at peace. "This is how it is with love," She said. "You feel love, and many love you. You mustn't fight it, you must just let it happen. It's safe, you know," She added. "You won't drown."

She helped me up and led me to sit on the rim of the pond. "I'll be here," She said. "I am the wisdom of love, the gentler side of Sophia. I’ll be here."

Then She was gone and the meditation ended.

Creation of a Shrine
By: Tara K.

During the portion of the ritual in which I envisioned the field of lilies, and the skies, I suddenly found myself thinking. "why do they have to be lilies. I hate lilies." Instantly Isis appeared behind me, Her arm around my shoulders, warm and comforting. She leaned in to my ear and said laughingly, "They are what they are, my dear." Suddenly the field of lilies was transformed into a field of bright, blooming daisies - my favorite flower.

I told Isis I was sorry I hadn't spent much time in devotion to Her in recent weeks, because I have been training with Athena, Isis just laughed and said, "You are always with Me, and I with You. Don't be afraid, child. You are on the right path."

With that, She held me by both shoulders and kissed me gently on the forehead, precisely in the spot where I had placed the circle of water earlier in the rituals.

Creation of a Shrine
By: Luna

I had chosen a lovely frosted glass statue of Isis some time ago, and had placed it before a golden background image of Her taken from a favorite Goddess tarot deck. After some searching through mineral and metaphysical shops, I'd found a beautiful scarab, large and enameled the color of lapis. I'd wound a necklace of turquoise around the feet of the statue, along with a bracelet of gemstone scarabs that was given to me in second grade, by my teacher - an offering to the Great Teacher. now Her image was flanked by crystal clusters of amethyst and citrine, and a pair of polished wooden candlesticks holding white tapers. Celestial Rose incense filled the air. Water gathered during a thunderstorm sat at the ready in a blue-violet teardrop flask.

Isis did not speak to me in words as Selene does, but I experienced Her presence as a pure, deep bass note of power in the room, in my circle, in my head. An amazingly smooth energy flow comprised of raw poser and a fathomless depth of compassion kept me company for most of the ritual: the period of silent meditation was full of it. The lily pond, the heavenly bodies, the absolute stillness of the blue-green sky were so easy to see, to feel. At some point I thought I caught a glimpse of ageless Kohl-lined eyes, and once again sensed that they were full of a depth of power and compassion that I knew was bottomless, beyond my understanding, without limit. Golden, lapis jeweled wings enfolded me. I felt a deep relaxation, a knot untying within me. The thought came to me that power this vast is so still, so quiet, so full of peace. Afterwards I would feel that energy in that room had shifted subtly, beautifully, and I knew, permanently.

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