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Ritual experiences submitted by:

Gwendolyn Endicott


Mystery of Demeter & Persephone
By: Gwendolyn Endicott

The most powerful moment for me came with the Oracle of the Goddess Persephone and the words: "Their seeds fall into the dark earth, as I did: and they are reborn on earth, as I was. But their true Selves enjoy eternal beauty with Demeter and all Deities: as I do, now and forever more."

With these words there suddenly came into me an egg-shaped luminescent energy that filled me and extended out from my physical body by at least six inches. (This is very hard to put into words.) I remember saying aloud "Kore" and in that moment I knew that the small "me" was one with this energy through time. I felt my heart sing out and fear of death fall away. I stayed with this moment for some time.

Throughout the rest of the ritual I felt overshadowed by a figure larger than myself who wore a black cloak, like an outer covering. Glowing from within her was a luminescent and radiant egg of light.

I suspect there are many layers in releasing the fear of Death, and that one must pass through the final gateway to really let go. Still, Kore was an initiation into the experience of connectedness. . . I feel healed at the Kore.

Mystery of Demeter & Persephone
By: Grainne

I created sacred space and prepared to invoke the Goddesses. When I invoked Demeter I could feel Her warm Motherly presence about me. When I read her words I felt as if She were seated on a throne and was gently instructing those who came to Her for understanding. As I invoked Persephone I had a strong feeling of joy and beauty but also with the wisdom of age. When She spoke I saw the seasons and cycles of nature passing.

I meditated on this powerful drama and after a while I saw a silver thread that curled into silver spirals. I also felt that there were many threads inside me that were connecting or re-connecting to form a larger structure. I seemed to hear once again Demeter saying "Look into the past and you will see the future" and I wondered what that meant. I saw a great multitude of people walking in procession. I think it was the people traveling from Athens to Eleusis. There were men and women, young and old, driving pigs before them, carrying covered baskets that held the sacred objects. I felt surprised to see so many people. I heard Persephone speak and She said that they went to discover the immortality of their own souls, by identification with the cycles of Nature. After a while the road seemed empty, but it did not seem sad. There were sheep grazing on the grass and it seemed serene and beautiful. I was told that this lesson was finished, what need was there to go to Eleusis when the immortality of the human soul was taught in every church and temple, but that over time the knowledge of the human soul was kept but the soul of Nature was abandoned, causing Nature to be seen as only a machine.

I once again saw the silver thread and it became interwoven with many threads of different colors, each forming their own cycles. I saw that all things go into an apparent diminishment and return, the Moon, the cycle of the seasons and Earth fertility, the cycles of animal and human life. I was told that despite their apparent loss some essence always remains and returns, transformed by the process yet always true to it’s own essence. I felt amazed to perceive that the silver thread, that in some way the Goddess must Herself return to the underworld periodically. This is not just about the dance of the seasons, but was part of a vast cosmic rhythm.

I saw the world filled with desolation, polluted air and water, garbage everywhere, the death of animals and whole species. I was told that as humans denied the soul of Nature they also buried the Goddess in the underworld of their subconscious. I heard the voice of Demeter saying that although the rites of the ancients the return of the Goddess brings a new awakening. Not only must we humans comprehend the cycles of death and rebirth in ourselves and nature but also understand the beauty of nature and humankind shows the divine in all living things. She told me that the Goddess is ready to return with Her message of awakening to the world, but that people, women and men must consciously begin to re-weave the threads, creating connections within themselves and between people and communities as well as between themselves and nature. Duality becomes healed through re-connecting with the divine, the element that breaks stalemate creating space for love. Like Her (Demeter), we must seek for Kore in the underworld of our subconscious bring Her to the surface and work with Her to discover the path to the Heavens.

Persephone spoke once more and asked me if I believed that most people loved their creations. I thought about all the waste in the world, all the things thrown away as soon as purchased as well as how recklessly we destroy the objects of our creation and I had to admit that I did not believe that people did love the objects of their creation. She told me that this was the true cause of pollution. We make things for profit and greed not for love of creation. She told me that love is what makes creation joyous and special. With love our lives, our creations, our communities, and our world becomes ensouled and so Kore returns. I was very humbled by this whole experience and felt a new level of responsibility as well as great hope for the future.

Mystery of Demeter & Persephone
By: Brunnhilde

While invoking the Triple Moon Goddess I was flooded with love and surrounded by a beautiful sphere of light. I had a feeling of complete, unconditional forgiveness - for myself. With this cleansing, I was open and ready for the new - the rebirth of self in harmony with the rebirth of the seasons. As I continued through the acknowledgment of the elements and contemplated the Goddess, I was preparing for my meditation. I cannot even recall the words of this guided meditation. The entire experience almost completely transcends my "human" thoughts and description, thus making it hard to put words to. What I do remember is becoming like a snake and shedding my skin as I reached upward toward the moon. There was a bridge, or pier, of sorts connecting the sphere of the moon to a palatial collection of books of universal knowledge - millions of books containing all the knowledge of all the worlds that we as humans don't have access to. On this bridge I met a being - he felt masculine, but had no recognizable form - his name is Tipari. I can't recall our conversation because it didn't happen with words. It was much more of a divine connection that I could never put into our language. I know I'll meet him again.

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