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Ritual experiences submitted by:

Lady Lilith
Jessie T.
Lady Mystl


Moon Magic of the Tides
By: Lady Lilith

From the exact moment I began the drama I could not only sense and feel a presence, but I suddenly began to barely see it. I looked around my altar and a very pale white mist surrounded my small circle of sacred space (altar and myself) like a sheer cocoon or veil. It was really there and I was encased within it. Serene and cozy feeling I glided through the ritual.

At the Invocation of Waning Moon/Beltis, I was almost startled with the awareness that this ethereal veil was now gathering slightly into a form standing next to me almost touching my shoulder. I could see it and with that knowledge I relaxed with it and into it, feeling communion, a oneness with the Goddess. She was watching over me and surrounding me. The presence followed me into the Invocation of the Full Moon and then at the New Moon, I felt it release and return once again into the gossamer cocoon that continued to float around my sacred space.

During the meditation, I felt my inner spirit awaken in deep union with the Princess Kaguya as I traveled with her. When the meditation finished and I opened my eyes for one brief second I saw the sparkle of Her moon robe reflected in the pale veil that still flowed around me. I received the gift of serenity and then strength, not only to see, but to feel and acknowledge the presence of Goddess surrounding me and within me.

As I closed the ritual with my thanks I once again felt the presence next to me, this time not at my left or right shoulder, but behind, watching over me. I knew this was as it should be. At the moment when I spoke the words “in the Name of the Triple Moon Goddess, let me go forth with the Divine Blessing”, the air surrounding me began to cool and the pale white veil began to lift.

There is no doubt in my mind and body that I experienced a deep and special divine communion with the Goddess. I feel cleansed by the mist and very aware of divinity and the sacredness of Her mystery. I feel chosen. She is still here now gliding alongside me as I walk my path with Her ethereal arms encircling and embracing me. Yet, she is part of me. . . being the very air that I breathe. I walk within Her Glow. . .

Moon Magic of the Tides
By: Grainne

I read aloud the Invocation and the Oracle. I felt my consciousness begin to shift. I offered incense and began invoking each aspect of the Triple Goddess. As I invoked Beltis, I felt the presence of an ancient and compassionate Goddess who understands all because her wisdom is infinite which gives her the power to heal all. I held my hand over the water until I saw blue light glow from it. When I invoked Cynthia, I felt in the presence of a gentle young Goddess, who was filled with grace and beauty. I held my hands over the crystal until I saw colors swirling within it. As I invoked Astarte, I could feel the presence of a passionate Goddess who loves to create. I held my hand over the wand until it started to glow and a green light was flickering at the tip.

I read the Contemplation of the Goddess aloud and placed the crystal in the center. Then I started the Meditation. The visualization was very beautiful and at the end of it I felt myself floating up into the dark night sky. I felt like I passed through a veil of membrane and suddenly everything around me seemed like a silvery mist. The only thing I could see clearly was the slender figure of a tall Goddess wearing diaphones draperies, with long pale hair, light silvery skin and large almond shaped, strange dark eyes.

Moon Magic of the Tides
By: Jessie T.

While invoking the Triple Moon Goddess I was flooded with love and surrounded by a beautiful sphere of light. I had a feeling of complete, unconditional forgiveness - for myself. With this cleansing, I was open and ready for the new - the rebirth of self in harmony with the rebirth of the seasons. As I continued through the acknowledgment of the elements and contemplated the Goddess, I was preparing for my meditation. I cannot even recall the words of this guided meditation. The entire experience almost completely transcends my "human" thoughts and description, thus making it hard to put words to. What I do remember is becoming like a snake and shedding my skin as I reached upward toward the moon. There was a bridge, or pier, of sorts connecting the sphere of the moon to a palatial collection of books of universal knowledge - millions of books containing all the knowledge of all the worlds that we as humans don't have access to. On this bridge I met a being - he felt masculine, but had no recognizable form - his name is Tipari. I can't recall our conversation because it didn't happen with words. It was much more of a divine connection that I could never put into our language. I know I'll meet him again.

Moon Magic of the Tides
By: Lady Mystl

While journeying to the Moon's Sphere, I felt very weightless and extreme cold, as if I was travelling through some sort of vacuum. This Rite was like no other I had ever performed before: I didn't see any beings at all, rather heard what they had to say. I was in complete darkness. And slowly, there was just a sliver of light and I was beginning to feel warmer. I felt a light touch on my face and I heard: "You are embarking on a new journey, full of learning, but this learning is not really new to you. Enjoy your new surroundings, complement your learning with laughter and joy and you will discover many skills about yourself."

And slowly the light diminished, and I was in darkness again, but not cold. I felt as if something was placed in my hands, and I saw the old book and pen that I had seen in the Initiate drama, only this time the book was opened, and although couldn't make out what was written. I knew it was my handwriting. I also felt a lot older than my actual age, and I heard yet another voice: "Trust in your intuition, you have hidden knowledge yet are afraid to use and accept it. Do not always rely on the modern healing methods; rather look within and trust in what you feel and see, that is within you."

The next night I dreamt it was nighttime. There was a huge Full Moon above me. I was lying on my back facing the sky. The amount of energy and well-being I felt was amazing. It felt as if I were wrapped in light, protected against everything bad or negative. The last thing I remember was seeing Hathor, and She was smiling at me, and gave a little clap!

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