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Rainbow Gardenia


Ordination Rite
By: Rue Rowanoak

I enacted the Rite of Priesthood Ordination Ritual on Valentine's Eve, 2008 according to the written ritual and utilizing those items that were unique to the Goddesses Venus, Vesta, and Hecate from my previous lessons. The gifts I gave were a rose to Venus, a candle to Vesta, and a gold coin to Hecate. The gifts I received were water from Venus, a heart-shaped stone from Vesta, and corn and wheat from Hecate (both grown in my own gardens).

I wore my usual ritual robe. Over that I wore a crocheted white shawl. Upon my head I wrapped a blue and gold gilt scarf with sun and stars, and carried a ritual wand with a quartz crystal on one end and a shell on the other (this wand now replaces my former ritual athame since the Ordination Rite). I enacted the Ordination Ritual as prescribed, then grounded and entered my Safe Haven in preparation for the Meditation portion of the ritual. Normally, when I enter my Safe Haven it reflects whatever season is happening in my physical world.

As I psychically entered my Safe Haven I noticed that although in my physical world, snow lay on the ground and it was cold outside, the Safe Haven reflected a Springtime scene. Fruit trees were in blossom and Spring was fully evident. The scent of spring flowers filled the sunny-morning air. My feeling is that the Springtime scene was symbolic of a new beginning, a new cycle enacted as a new Priestess of my matron Goddess.

While in my Safe Haven I visualized again receiving and giving the gifts from and to the three Goddesses Venus, Vesta, and Hecate as I had done in the physical ritual earlier.

After psychically giving the gifts at the Safe Haven altar a wonderful thing happened! For the second time in the decades since I have chosen to walk the path of the Goddess, She whom I call The White Isis (because she is dressed completely in white) appeared. I have not seen her for many, many years and then only briefly one time before. She appeared, briefly, in my Safe Haven. She smiled and I had a strong inner feeling that She was extending Her approval. My feeling about this visit of the White Isis is that She prefers to work in my life unseen and behind the scenes in a subtle manner. It is always a gift to see or sense Her presence.

After the brief encounter with Isis, I remained for a time in the meditation. I had hoped to experience my Matron Goddess, Venus, or perhaps a vision or word from either Vesta or Hecate. I remained in the meditation quite awhile and nothing was happening so I decided to close the meditation. Just as I began to do so I heard a voice saying, "Extend your hand". I did as asked mentally as I was still at the altar of my Safe Haven. The voice stated more firmly, "No. Extend your hand." I was surprised and realized that I was meant to extend my physical hand. As I did so I felt a light touch as if another hand gently supported my own. In my mind's eye — for my eyes were still closed — I saw a white rose laid into my palm. I could feel the coolness of the petals. Somehow, without being asked I knew I was supposed to place this rose against my heart area and as I did so it disappeared into my heart. I could see it sitting in the center of my heart! Then the vision faded and I knew it was time to leave my Safe Haven, ground, and return to everyday consciousness.

I closed the ritual and had the strong feeling that the vision of the rose indicated that I had been accepted by my Matron Goddess, Venus, as Her Priestess. As well, I felt that the White Isis would be with me behind the scenes of my everyday life!

Ordination Rite
By: Judith M.

The Priesthood Rite was performed Saturday evening 7/28/07 at 6PM (full moon). I had read and re-read the instructions and had everything on the altar. The preparation time took awhile - for the altar and for me. I had 2 white candles for the moon and purity. I had a green candle for the earth and the gardens that flourish. There was also a black candle which I like to burn in rituals. Even though I performed it by myself I was still a little nervous.

Lilith is my matron goddess and I had Brigid, Isis, and I decided to have one more complimentary goddess, Aradia. I used Lilith oil (which I made) for anointing and Isis incense for burning. I had statues of Lilith and Aradia. I had a silver pendant of Isis with her wings outstretched. I found part of a blue eggshell that a robin hatched from and had it on my altar for Brigid. It was a sign of new beginnings and Spring. I had a small bottle of Strega liquor next to Aradia and I also had grain, salt and water on the altar. I followed the Rite and did fine until I went to my inner sanction and met my Goddesses. They seemed to float toward me. When they gave me their gifts, I lost it and the tears rolled down my face. They gave me blessings of love, strength and healing for myself and others. They touched my forehead (3rd eye area) and kissed my cheek. It was lovely. I didn't want to leave. I found that it is so much easier for me to give gifts than to accept them, especially from 4 beautiful ladies.

Ordination Rite
By: Cerridwen Quinne

The rite was lovely, and the energies were magikal; unfortunately, I was not feeling my best, so my physical health was an obstacle, especially during the meditation. During the ritual, I could feel the presence of my Goddesses and She Who Speaks with the Stars, my guide whom I met through my work with the Crossroads. I knew that She would be in attendance. When I received an amber "stone" from Freya, She put a cloak of feathers on me. Cerridwen filled my body with golden light. She often presents HerSelf as a Golden Goddess, and I know that She mirrors my transformation. Marianne the MerGoddess began to sing when I committed myself to Her as one of my complementary Goddesses; I have come to learn that the Merfolk rarely just talk, but sing their thoughts. At the close of the ritual, She Who Speaks with the Stars came to me afterwards and gave me a hug and said "Congratulations." She was wearing the white dress that I see her in the Temple of Isis on the Inner Planes.

Because I wasn't feeling well during the actual rite, I saved the meditation portion for later. I went to my Inner Haven, which is a temple in a medieval styled castle. There is a gigantic statue of Cerridwen in the foyer. Upon entering, I was suddenly ejected upward to the stars where my Goddesses waited for me on some strange platform in outerspace. They placed a crown on my head, and then it was over - I was "back." It was simple, but profound. I am looking forward to the next year and a day.

Ordination Rite
By: White Raven Woman

During the rite, when I was adorned with circlet, shawl and staff I laughed and cried. I felt as if the goddesses themselves had adorned me with these items. As if they were in the room with me, Ordaining me themselves. When the blessings of my four goddesses poured forth upon my body I was elated, humbled, crying and laughing with thanks. Such a great feeling of Goddess came over me, a feeling of being embraced and filled with light.

As I began the walk down the beach path in my Inner Haven I felt you, Connia, and could see your face looking down at me. I greeted you and welcomed you with much joy. In the sacred cave of my haven I found Menrva, Epona, Morgan and Vesta awaiting me. I spoke my dedication to Menrva with a strong, clear voice. Then the goddesses presented me with my circlet, shawl and staff. In turn I gifted them. For Menrva the blue painted box with Her image on the top and a special dedication inside, the black and gold horse statue for Epona, the metal chalice for Morgan and the pewter sun candle holder for Vesta. Each accepted Her gifts with smiles and grace.

I was gifted with a stone from Morgan, grains from Epona, shells from Vesta and water from Menrva. After the gifting was completed I danced, weaving through each of the goddesses in turn. It seemed as if I danced for a long time. Weaving in and out repeatedly until Menrva held up her hand for me to stop. Then the goddesses embraced me, petted my arms, neck and face in a soothing motion, until I felt fully empowered and my skin was flushed and glowing.

They bade me farewell and sent me off to follow Maris, consort to Menrva, calling "Daughter, go. Daughter, hurry! See what awaits you!" I hurried to follow Maris up the steep path, to the top of the cliff. I looked out and saw pure light. Pure beauty. "Oh!" I exclaimed as I dove off, gliding through the light-filled, pulsing air. It was pure euphoria. The water at the bottom engulfed and embraced me. I had taken the Final Leap.

As I came out of the water I heard the echoes of the goddesses voices. They said "Daughter, you did well." I made my way back, carrying a cloth bag containing the gifts given to me, wearing robe, shawl and circlet. My staff awaited me at the edge of the path. With great thanks and love in my heart I returned. As I continued the rite I saw that over 40 minutes had passed although it seemed much longer and much less at the same time. A conflict of feelings, I know, but it did seem as if only a moment had gone by, yet it also seemed as if hours had as well.

Over the weeks that followed I've found I have a greater amount of patience. A greater feeling of the Divine in the everyday aspects of life and a continued increase in my creativity. My ability for communication with animals has become even more apparent, especially the horses. The horses have continued to come to the forefront and Epona has made Herself known many, many times. I've been drawn to the barn more and more and spend hours simply sitting and watching the horses. Silently communicating with them and with them responding to me with greater affection. My horse in particular, who was abused before I got him has mellowed, become more secure with himself and around others. He has become more affectionate towards me and more relaxed than he ever has been. I know this is due to the dedication to Epona, to Menrva, Morgan and Vesta. I feel that he senses the changes in me and my greater sense of peace, balance and harmony.

Ordination Rite
By: Tara K.

All day, as I prepared for the ritual, I felt nervous and excited—more than I ever have for a ritual before. I took care to decorate my altar with brightly colored scarves and the pretty pink flowers my husband bought me for the occasion. I took a special bath with scented salts and got dressed in the clothes I had picked out especially for this ritual, and then waited anxiously—literally sitting on the edge of my bed or nervously pacing—until 9 P.M., the time of the ritual, came. When I finally began, all the anxiety washed away and I was overcome by a powerful sense of well-being and calm.

As I spoke the words of the ritual, I felt as if I were addressing a huge crowd, even though I was alone in my candlelit altar room. It was easy to feel the presence of the unseen participants in the ritual, including my chosen Goddesses, Athena, Isis, and Kali. I felt like I was a part of something timeless, a rite of passage that existed both in all times and out of time. As I took each of the gifts, I was overwhelmed by the sense of acceptance I felt. Each item felt heavy and powerful, loaded with energy.

The most emotional part of the ritual, however, came during the meditation. I entered my Inner Haven as always, and waited as each of my Goddesses came up to me, greeting me with a kiss on the forehead. Athena, my Matron Goddess, approached first and congratulated me warmly. She handed me a large piece of lapis lazuli, reminding me of a similar stone I had recently purchased, and told me to keep it with me always as a symbol of Her enduring love and support. Isis came to me next, and placed in my palm a glowing gold ankh. She told me that whenever I saw an ankh, I should remember that She is with me. Kali approached last, with a mischievous smile on her face. In silence, She handed me a piece of black obsidian, like the one I had received as a gift during the ritual. Then She said, “But this is not my only gift. This is my gift to you.”

She stepped aside and from behind her came my husband’s grandfather (and the only grandfather I’ve ever known for myself), who passed away just over a year ago. He was beaming with pride and hugged me tightly, as he had always done when he was alive. He kissed me on the cheek and told me that he knew I would get to this point, and that I had made the right choice. I was already fighting back tears when he stepped aside and my own grandmother, a devout Catholic who died over ten years ago, came toward me. Nanny, as I called her, had been from Poland, and because I had trouble understanding her accent, we were never as close as I would have liked to be. Ever since I left the Catholic Church, I have felt somewhat guilty, worrying about what my grandmother would think if she were alive. Now, here she was. She embraced me and said, clear as a bell, “I am so proud of you. We may have followed different paths, but they all go to the same place. I know that now, and you have done the right thing.” Then she and Grampa vanished, and with a final wave, the Goddesses drifted away, too.

I started to cry, overcome by what I had seen. It was so reassuring to know that the people I love, even those who are no longer with me, support me in my chosen path. Since the ritual, I have had some powerful dreams, and have seen both Grampa and Nanny again, as well as the Goddesses. In just a few weeks, the ritual has really changed my life, making me feel stronger and more motivated than I’ve been over the last several months. I’m now making plans to go back to school for a graduate degree, and I’m writing and painting regularly, which is part of my vocation. I’m excited and energized. It was an amazing experience.

Ordination Rite
By: Grainne

I prepared the Altar with three altar cloths; a leopard skin pattern for Seshat, black with silver sparkles for Ariadne and silver white for Brighid. Brighid was in the center (I finally found a statue that I liked) with three candles; white red and black. Seshat was to the left, I had a picture of Her and a pale blue candle to represent Her, Ariadne was on the right, I had a modern picture of Her and a purple candle to represent Her. I had the picture of Clonegal Castle in front and a vase of flowers toward the back. I had a golden candle to represent the male aspect. I placed lady Isis in the eastern quarter of the circle. I cleansed and prepared the space with blessed water and incense. I spoke the introduction aloud and then created sacred space by creating a circle and then calling the four elements/directions as well as above, below and center. I invoked Brighid, Ariadne, and Seshat. I invoked Hecate and Au Set using the invocations on the Bonus Sheet. I also invoked Lugh as consort of Brighid.

I read the Explanation of Priesthood within the Fellowship of Isis. I felt as if I could hear Lady Olivia Robertson reading the explanation. I was blessed to have met her once and can still remember the sound of her voice. When I was reading the quotation from Lucius Apuleius I felt as if Isis were rising from the sea in the Eastern quarter of the circle and stayed standing protectively over me throughout the ordination.

I felt power being raised during the Giving and Receiving of Gifts. As I was giving my gifts to each Goddess I realized that each gift actually represented something that I needed to develop in myself – communication, joy and wise transformation.

As I received each gift I could feel their presence and individual "personality". When I anointed my brow with water the water felt as if it were full of a cool electrical power that I continued to feel long after the water had dried.

During the Ordination I felt very supported by the Crossroads Lyceum, Connia Silver, Angelica Camp as well as by my Guides, Power Animals and Allies. I felt as if unseen hands were helping to attire me and that the Universe was listening carefully to my words to see if they rang true.

During the Meditation I entered my Inner Haven in my usual way and prepared for the Goddesses arrival. I invited each Goddess individually and greeted them on their arrival. Brighid was dressed in a long violet robe with embroidery at the hem sleeves and neck. Ariadne had long dark curls, fine features and wore the traditional Cretan Priestess garb; flounced full skirt and tiny bodice. Seshat was a beautiful young black woman in Egyptian linen robes with very finely braided hair and large dark eyes outlined in kohl. Their attire was so different, yet they looked very natural standing next to each other. They stood in front of the Altar stone. Brighid was in the middle, with Seshat on Her right and Ariadne on Her left.

I reenacted the Speaking of the Dedication, then I gave each Goddess Her Gift. It felt very meaningful to give each Goddess Her Gift directly. When I gave the blank book to Seshat, She said that She would use it to record my deeds, good or bad. I felt happy but I realized my responsibility for creating deeds that I would want recorded. Ariadne accepted the pendant and placed it around Her neck. When Brighid accepted the anvil She spoke saying that She accepted the power of the forge and the strength of the anvil. I have contemplated this and feel that it refers to myself and my ability to transform and be creative. In other words She accepts the raw materials that are me and my willingness to work to transform these materials into a greater self.

In turn each Goddess gave me their Gift. Seshat gave me a rectangular stone (in consensual reality the stone is natural and unshaped). She said to me that She was giving me the foundation of my temple with this stone. Ariadne produced grain from Her hand. She placed it in my hand while telling me that it was the staff of life and the source of joy and abundance.

Brighid took water from the silver bowl I always place on the altar in my Inner Haven. She placed it on my brow and I felt myself beginning to dissolve. She poured the whole bowl over my head and I dissolved completely. I felt myself as a mote in the void, but I felt safe, as if I was in the womb. I had a strange sensation as if I were being rewoven from threads. Slowly I came together until I was able to perceive another presence. It was Brighid and She was weaving me back together. She spoke and asked me if I were afraid. She said that was not surprising because I would never be the same. Her voice was very gentle when She was speaking to me. She told me never to let fear allow me to stagnate but that is was a reminder that I was not a realized goddess yet.

All this time I was being rewoven and now I was nearly whole. I felt myself lying down while three white doves flew in a tight circle over me. As they flew, threads of light emanated from their bodies and wove themselves into me. This seemed to go on for a while, but I remained very peaceful and happy throughout the whole process.

Eventually they stopped and as they were about to land they transformed into Brighid, Seshat and Ariadne. I was lying on the stone altar in my Inner Haven. I slowly got up. I noticed that I had my headpiece and stole on and I was holding my wand, whereas when I had entered my Inner Haven I was wearing plain white.

The three Goddesses were smiling at me and I thanked them for accepting my Ordination and for all the care and love they had given me in the past. Each one congratulated me and wished me well, said farewell and then left. Brighid left last. She turned around and took both my hands in Hers. She simply said "Blessed Be" and then left. I set my Inner Haven back in order and then exited and returned to normal consciousness.

After a few breaths I read the Oracle aloud. I felt very moved by it and just contemplated the words for a few minutes. I performed the closing, thanking the Goddesses, the God, the four elements/directions, above, below, and center as well as my guides, Power Animals and Allies. I gave the blessing which I felt connected me to all beings through my heart.

I have felt a shift going on in my life since the Ordination. On the day of the Ordination I was offered a place in a Shamanic Circle that I had wished to join for a long time, but there had been no openings until now. I have also started to attend meditation classes at a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery and have been blessed unexpectedly by a Lama twice; once the week before and once the week after my Ordination. He can’t speak English and I don’t speak any Tibetan so the communication was very limited but the experience was very peaceful and beautiful. I had a dream almost two weeks after the Ordination where I heard a voice speaking a poem. This is the poem that I heard:

Let me know you O Goddess
Press yourself upon me
Cover me with your beauty
Entwine your essence with mine
That I may be redolent of your scent
Filled in every sense with your being
Let me feel your soft hair upon my face
Filled with the freshness of green leaves
Let me trace the curves of your body
With fingers, toes, belly, thighs
Let me drink you in, O Mother of the Gods
Like clear mountain springs
Delight me with your caress
Tracing the lines of my body like gentle whispers
Let me explore you, O my Lady, my Love
The places where you are hard
And the places where you are soft
Inspire me with love for all your aspects
May I love the fishes, the animals, the plants, the people
At last, sated, filled
I will come to you, to place my head in your lap
To be held in your arms, to be returned
To rest once more in you, my Brighid.

Ordination Rite
By: Sage

My dedicatory goddesses appeared off and on throughout the period leading up to the ceremony itself. For instance, a few days before the ceremony, after writing invocations, I did the heart alcove meditation, and from the gazebo a voice called out, "Come on in, we're all here." When I went in I found the four goddesses (my three + Isis) screeching with laughter and tumbling all over the place in the middle of a pillow fight. I stood there rather blankly for a moment, then blurted out, "Wait a minute, guys, you're supposed to be Goddesses!" But then I got dragged into it too. Things did calm down after a while. They are constantly reminding me to lighten up, not take things so seriously, laugh more. Minerva especially informed me that I was to do no work for a couple of weeks, just paint. Not even sculpt, just paint.

The day of the ceremony was the most perfect day: sun and little wind, and just warm enough. Sophia was present in it all, all parts of nature. I spent the morning hanging out laundry and working in the garden – a sort of “chop wood, carry water” thing, as all mundane activities felt full of Her wisdom.

She pervaded my room, my altar, the ceremony itself. I received a sense of physical, as opposed to ethereal, presence when I touched my head and held out my hand to receive the blessing of Minerva and Hecate, my complementary goddesses. There was a powerful sense of them behind me, rearranging my shawl, straightening my crown – I could almost hear them clucking like grandmothers, getting everything right.

My meditation was lovely. I met my goddesses on a hilltop where there is a sandstone altar with a hollow in the center for a fire. They saw me coming up the meandering path and called out that there was no hurry, we had all the time in the world. When I arrived they stood on the other side of the altar from me and I repeated my offerings to them, three pictures: for Sophia a cave in a hillside with a fire burning within, for Hecate a crossroads under a waxing moon; for Minerva a dawn scene with a river flowing from mountains.

Sophia then said, “As gifts to you, we wish to offer these presents back to you.”

Hecate: “From me, the gift of knowing when you come to a critical crossroads in your life. The ability to read the signpost. The awareness that, however dark it may be, the moon is waxing and you’ll choose well. And I will be there to help you.”

Minerva: “From me, the gift of inspiration, whether in mountains, sunrises, or anything else. Both the solidity of the rock and the transience of the sky, so that you can flow with inspiration but also be grounded to create beauty from it. I will be there to help you.” Sophia: “Mine is the gift of Wisdom, of knowing yourself and the ways of life, and the ability to speak and act wisely on what you know. Don’t be afraid to go inside and enter my cave. My fire always burns there, and I will be there to help you.”

As each spoke I had an image as if the landscape behind them changed to reflect each picture.

After Sophia spoke they came around the altar, encircled me, and hugged me – surely the best initiation of all. I was aware then of colours around me, then crystal colour floating down over us, like flecks from a rainbow.

I had expected to feel – I don’t know, maybe joyous, jubilant. But after the ceremony and some time spent alone with the beauty of it all, I realized that I actually felt very solemn. It was good to go to the pub with my husband that evening, talk things over, and lighten up – something Sophia is always trying to get me to do.

First Anniversary of Ordination
By: Sage

To honour the first anniversary of my ordination, I modified the Ordination ritual slightly, to reflect that this was a re-commitment. At the point where you pause to receive the Goddesses’ blessings, I was conscious of something like a veil of blessing being draped over me, and that my Goddesses were very much present.

My meditation goes to show that you never can tell what the goddesses in your life will present you with. As soon as you expect a great spiritually uplifting and intense moment, they laugh at you and remind you that the mundane is also important. In the meditation, I found myself on a path through rolling grassland (a place I’m familiar with from other meditations). Isis, Sophia, and Hecate came down the path in front of me – for some reason, I was told that Minerva couldn’t be there. After lots of hugs, they had me look down the path I’d followed to this point. It was uphill but fairly smooth, only a few stones obstructing the path in one or two places. Then they asked me to look ahead. The path wove around the hill, vanishing then re-appearing in the distance, moving on and on toward the mountains. I thought, “Mountains – Distances and Destinies.” Then, Sophia said thoughtfully, “To get there, I think you need a new pair of boots.” At once all eyes were on my feet and worn-out boots, and all agreed. So they sat me down, and amid much gaiety pulled off my worn boots and placed on my feet a sturdy new pair. They asked if the boots were comfy and I tromped around a little and declared that they were fabulous. All agreed that they would be well suited to the long and wonderful road ahead. They left me with a sense that, no matter how distant the “destination”, there was no need to charge madly off to get there; that in effect the destination was a moving target, not something fixed in time or space, and that as always, the rewards are in the path itself.

Ordination Rite
By: Judith M.O.

The day of my Ordination was an incredible autumnal day! A very intense wind had swept in blowing the gorgeous colored leaves of ocher, red and orange. It seemed to be clearing away the lingering psychic energies in the valley. I saged the room while my husband built a blazing fire in the fireplace as well as a fire going in the adjacent room in the woodstove. Fires for Brighid my matron Goddess. I cast the circle and began my rite. The room felt full of energy and presences. The candles blew about on the altar. I knew that Brighid, Isis, Hecate, Epona and Mary were there as well as my guides and others. My spirit was soaring.

As I went into meditation, I found Brighid standing on the bank of the sacred spring that was there. She was shining white and hard to see Her features She was so bright. She indicated that I put my feet in the pool. Two doves descended onto my feet. Then I found myself swimming in a lake at night surrounded by swans. The full moon was shining down and I could see it reflecting on the water beads on the swans’ white feathers. We were swimming toward an island.

On the beach of the island, a gigantic bonfire was ablaze casting sparks high into the night sky. Encircled there were Brighid and my complementary Goddesses Mary, Isis and Epona in Her white horse form. I began to dance around the fire and felt the joy of being and so much passion for life – at the same time my dance was an offering of my spirit. The Goddesses approached me one at a time and bestowed gifts on me.

Brighid was expansive and Her head was crowned with fire. She reached into the bonfire and pulled out a glorious sword and gave it to me. A sword for clarity, power, discerning the Truth and defending the innocents. Then Mary approaches and She is quiet and most serene swathed in a blue robe. She speaks. Her gift to me is the power of prayer, tenderness and the ability to be patient and have faith in the Higher Order. Compassion, healing through unconditional love. I am weeping. Isis comes forward, Her wings upraised with a sense of vastness and eternity – extending in all directions. The silence of space (I was aware of stars, planets, galaxies), no time and Her eternal Providence. Her breasts are bare beneath an ornate necklace and She is skirted in gold. She expresses milk from Her right breast with Her left hand into a golden goblet and bids me drink. Spiritual nourishment, healing and balance. She paints an Eye of Horus over my third eye awakening me. Epona comes galloping forward in the firelight. A wild white horse prancing with wind in Her mane. She looks at me sideways as I reach toward Her. She makes me realize without words that She gives me the gift of Beauty and wild free spirit untamed , the primal power of instinct and the ability to run through worlds on Her back – movement.

In the days since I feel as if a cog has moved inside me – or a notch moved so that all energies lined up like a kaleidoscope shifting into a beautiful focused pattern. I am different and new! Then the blessings started to flow in!

Ordination Rite
By: Cerwin

The ritual went as outlined. I would like to describe the part where contact was made (during the meditation portion).

In entering the forest a small chipmunk always greets me. It greeted me this time and congratulated me. We walked for a while until I got to the pond. I sat by the edge of the pond for a brief time, listening to the bird song and enjoying the peacefulness. Then I went to the road and turned left, going up the hill to see my guardian. He welcomed me and we sat before the fire he had blazing and talked for a while. He also congratulated me, and gave me a hug when I left. I started down the road, to go to the gazebo. When I got to where the road intersects with the path from the forest, a totally unexpected thing happened. My special animal, a horse, rode up. Apparently I was to go in on horseback. It was a beautiful white horse. I got on and we walked toward the gazebo.

When we got closer I could hear people congratulate me and sort of see them, but they were like ghosts. They were lining the sides of the path. As I got nearer, I saw that the trees were all strung with white lights, like twinkling stars. As I dismounted and looked toward the gazebo I saw that Tara was standing outside of the gazebo, waiting for me. This has never happened before. We have always met inside. Then up walked Athena and Bast – and it was quite a sight to see a human size cat! I stood before them, with the ghostly audience as a witness, and I told all three that I wanted to dedicate my life to doing their work, in particular Tara, and I wanted that work to include helping others to achieve their higher goals, to actualize themselves. I then went forward and knelt, and she put her hands on my head and said that she blessed me and accepted me as her priestess. I repeated the same with Bast and Athena. After that, Tara made a public announcement to all that I was now one of her priestesses, under her protection, sent forth to do her work. After that everyone applauded (the Goddesses too). Tara and I hugged, and I hugged Bast and Athena, and then we had a group hug.

After the ceremony was over, I bowed to the Goddesses and exited the field, backing up until out of sight of the Goddesses. Then I exited the same way I came in, again to congratulations. It was a wonderful ceremony, filled with joy, solemnity and deep feeling.

Ordination Rite
By: Deborah,
One Who Sees Rainbows on the Other Side

As I read my dedication, I felt so emotional I could barely speak. I felt so deeply and profoundly each and every word, my heart was so open, so full of love and sincerity, and I felt the power of my devotion and my dedication to my beloved Isis and Osiris. My husband, who is a Pisces, told me that when I read my dedication that the energies in the room were incredible and that he could see all the energies moving and shifting, like being on a drug, very powerful and beautiful.

Throughout the ceremony I felt every word so deeply. I felt the strong presence of spiritual energies, and especially my Goddesses. While receiving ordination from Isis and Osiris...I got this strong and heavy feeling in my left hand, I asked what it was and they said it was a gift from them of a golden heart, this incredible energy flowed through their hands into me. This golden heart is a symbol for me to carry and always remember the power and healing of the heart energy and LOVE, which is so important to me in all I do in life. It was a confirmation and a powerful gift!

While receiving ordination from Brighid, She said she would help me to honor my ancestral roots and to feel the power of healing and creativity in my life. She awakening flames in my head and heart. I was able to see her in a new way I had never seen her before. I also now saw her warriouress energy, and her deep strength.

While receiving ordination from Lakshmi, She was so beautiful and she showered me with unconditional love, surrounding me in soft, beautiful energies.....she assured me that she is here to help me bring more joy, beauty, love and abundance on all levels of life, as well as a illuminated connection with the Divine.

Since this ceremony and the Divine Awareness I experienced, I feel my Goddesses within me as an integral part of me more and more as time goes on. I am still integrating all that I have learned and experienced and am working on my vocation with the Goddess. How my life has changed is that I feel much more empowered as a person and as a woman and I feel more love and compassion than ever before. I also feel a strong need to deepen my vocational work which I am in the process of shifting. A lot has shifted for me in my life, but mostly the incredible heart opening I feel. This seems to run over into all aspects of my life.

Overall, I feel the presence of the Divine with me always, and my heart is stronger and more illuminated than ever before.

Ordination Rite
By: Singing Stones

I had a most lovely ordination experience! I spent most of the day resting, spending time outside feeding the birds and squirrels and thinking about my past studies with the FOI and specifically the Crossroads Lyceum. I had taken the day off from work, turned off the phone and just went into silence. Silence is a wonderfully freeing experience for me with no verbal expectation and it is so much easier to commune with Deity.

I set my altar up in advance so I could spend some meditative time in front of it. I tried to make it as beautiful as possible by smudging and surrounding it with autumn flowers, pictures of my Goddesses and several small candles. My gifts I put off to the side on another small table.

I did go over to a friend's house that evening for a small Samhain ceremony so my spiritual "energies" were way up for my own ritual. I laid down for a short rest before midnight so I would be fresh and Isis work me in plenty of time to begin. The circle was cast, the quarters were called, and then when I invited Isis, Artemis, Hestia and Hecate to join me; I felt the whole energy of the room move and change and I knew they were with me. It seemed like others were with me, anointing me, handing me my wand and placing my headpiece and robe around me. I felt the Goddesses each in Her own energy bless me and accept my ordination; Artemis in Her Maiden strength of selfhood, Hestia with Her eternal flame of center and sacredness, Hecate with Her knowledge of perpetual change and rejuvenation and my Matron Goddess Isis, with Her magick and Her ultimate vision of the Divine Feminine. It was an incredible experience of connection with Divine!

During meditation, the Goddesses met me and again, I felt that heart/connection to spark of Deity that is in all of us. I felt like my body was strung out across the Cosmos and that it was made of bright thin strands and along those strands were other lifetimes and experience from those lifetimes yet connected to a central light that I always returned to and would again.

I understand through this extraordinary experience that Deity is not apart from us, but interwoven in our very cellular makeup and we will always return to the Source, however that looks to us. It was a powerful experience!

The energies were intense that night and I am forever changed, and yet I feel as well that somehow I am carrying on something I have always done. I gave the Divine Blessing and opened the circle. I stayed in silence the rest of that night and most of the next day.

Since that night I have spent much time going over my experience and am anxious to see how my Vocation unfolds in this next year-and-a-day I leave myself open to the service of Isis and know She will direct my path not by demands but by that "still small voice" that touches me in the craziness of the day or the velvet softness of the night. Goddess grant me that I may be quiet enough to hear. So mote it be!

Ordination Rite
By: Mahelani

I spent Saturday quietly preparing for my ritual at 7:00 pm. I spent some of the afternoon at the beach on Puget Sound, where I set up a little altar to Pele and left Her an offering of taro root.

In the evening, a little before 7:00, I cast the circle, called the quarters, then meditated for a while. Then I started the ritual. It was a challenge, because the neighborhood was unusually noisy that evening, and several times I paused to wait for things to quiet down so I could concentrate. When I held out my hand for the blessing after the anointing, I felt a flow of energy in my hand, then throughout my body, and a buzzing in my feet. Then my scalp tingled, which usually means spiritual or astral energy to me.

During the meditation, I entered my haven and found it filled with swirling snow, or mist. I retreated, then entered again. The mist or fog was a little thinner, patchy, but still most definitely there. I stood quietly, trying to sense what was going on -- I had never seen this manifestation during meditation before, but it felt like it was an important symbol, something to do with reaching a different level. I walked through it toward the rising ground where I usually encounter Pele, and I found the mist never blocked my way. I moved further into the edges than I ever had before, and walked over a ridge into a clear green valley, with a volcano rising beyond it. I stood in the valley and called to the Goddess. Isis, winged, appeared to my right, and Freya, in gold and white, appeared to my left. (They are my complimentary goddesses). I gave them their gifts. Then Pele appeared in front of me. She was dressed in orange-red and crowned with red flowers. The dress sometimes became flames. A hot wind blew her long black hair back -- I knew it was a hot wind, but I didn't feel it. She held out her right hand, and there was a small flame in it. With this she touched the crown of my head, my forehead, heart, and hands. She indicated it was the flame of inspiration. Then the mists flowed into the valley and the three goddesses became part of the mists. I walked back to the exit. The fog cleared before me as I went. I came out of the meditation and completed the ritual.

Afterwards, I watched a tape I have on Hawaii. One scene has a woman who represents Pele dancing in the lava fields on the Big Island of Hawaii. Around her are the mists from the steam vents in the lava fields. Steam vents! That's what the mist was -- the mists from the vents are considered to be another form the Goddess takes there.

Ordination Rite
By: Lady Mystl

The 21st of June was not only Yule for me here in Australia, but also a New Moon and Solar Eclipse; and according to the calendar of the ancient Egyptians, it was the beginning of festivities to note the marriage of Hathor and Horus. A very special day indeed for me.

I awoke earlier than usual, perhaps this was excitement, but I felt calm and in control. It was still dark outside, and quiet, only a few birds singing the new day in. I got some bread from the pantry which I keep to feed the birds that come into the garden, and went outside to my sacred area. It was cold, and had started to lightly drizzle. I stood in front of the Altar and gave thanks and asked that the day would bring me good things. I then crumbled the bread for the birds, and went inside to do the usual things before everyone else is up. I noticed a little later while I was looking outside, that a large, crimson and blue parrot was on the ground, picking at the crumbs. Parrots don't normally come into suburbia at this time of year, so I took it to mean a blessing for the day from Hathor.

I finished work earlier than normal so I could prepare for the Ordination Rite. I got the items I needed ready, prepared the evening meal for the family, read through the Rite once again, and had a light meditation and cleansing and sent healing to the Earth and to those I knew of that needed it. It was still drizzling, very gloomy day, I couldn't even tell if there had been an eclipse it was so gloomy and cloudy. By the time I was ready to bathe and dress for the Rite, it had started to rain more heavily. I thanked the Goddess for the rain, we need it so badly, and prepared my bedroom for the Rite.

Soft pagan music was playing in the background. I was beginning to feel very excited by now, and sat for a while to commune with Hathor in front of Her Altar and to centre and ground myself. When the time came, I proceeded with the Rite. The room gradually became warmer. I was given a small box of incense prepared especially for me by a woman I haven't met yet. The incense is named Hathor and a good friend gave it to me on behalf of the person who made it. It is a gum type incense that needs to be lit, put out and inhaled quickly, which is what I did. I hadn't used the incense before; I was saving it for this special occasion. By the time I was to meditate, the flame on one of the candles on the Altar became very large for a few minutes. I just sat and watched it. It seemed that from the flame I was given three items, but I know I was "seeing" with my third eye. The first item was a sistrum, with a mirror as part of its making; this was from Hathor. The second item was the Three Fold Flame from Kwan Yin. This is a symbol I use as part of Magnified Healing. The colours are pink, gold and blue; love, wisdom and power. The last item was a delicate, white feather that turned into a lotus from Ma'at. There was not much else at this point, except for the warmth in the room and a real sense of love, peace, calmness. I opened the circle, and went and sat for a while with my husband, but I was getting tired and knew that I would probably have a dream. Which I did.

In the dream I saw Hathor give me the sistrum. and said to me: "you will teach others to look within and find the music in their hearts." She was dressed in a tight fitting pleated garment which showed her lovely body. She had malachite and lapis jewellery around Her throat and wrists. Kwan Yin was in a beautiful flowing white garment, with no shoes on Her little feet. Her hair was tied up and held together with a white flowing veil. She put the Three Fold Flame into my heart and said: "you will teach others to heal, forgive and have mercy on themselves." Ma'at was dressed almost the same as Hathor except that She had little jewellery on, and She was carrying an Ankh in one hand and the feather in the other. When She gave me the feather and I was holding it in my hand, it turned into a lotus, and I could smell the scent even in the dream. She said: "you will teach others to find justice and truth within themselves, and thus will have order, love and beauty. You will do well, but do be prepared for deception from some."

Unfortunately, at this point I woke up, and I don't know why. The next night I dreamt again, and this time I was with Hathor, Kwan Yin and Ma'at in a place that was familiar to me, but I know I haven't been to (make sense?). It was by water, and there were lilies and lotus flowers floating in the water. We were just sitting in a little circle, the four of us, holding hands and exchanging thoughts, love and energies. Very tranquil. The next few days, I felt alive and re-energised, although at times I felt not of this world; a little disoriented maybe. I did ground myself after the Rite, perhaps not enough? But I was receiving a lot of "messages" for myself, about the planet and others that I have in my life.

I found the day of the Rite and the two days after, full of blessings and love for me. I knew, and know, that I have done what I have been destined to do. I feel as if I have come home.

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