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Ritual experiences submitted by:

Lady Lilith
Sophie K. K.


Sun Magic of the Life Force
By: Lady Lilith

Lilacs fill my garden with their rich fragrance. The Sun is beginning to herald the warmth of the new season. I chose a bright day with Spring in all of its glory. I decided to set up my altar on my downstairs deck. I would be private and enjoy the warmth of the Spring day.

I’ve always loved carving candles with runes and other magickal symbols so my 7 little white candles stood proud. I added fresh white lilacs and a bowl of frankincense (my favorite) to my altar that was covered in red lace. Then I took a fragrant ritual bath and changed into a red chiffon tunic and began a cleansing soothing meditation lying on a blanket facing up to the Sun’s rays.

Remarkably as I began the Invocation to the Goddess Kundalini (perhaps I did see it again and again in the blink of an eye) but it seemed a garden snake slithered amongst my cool ivy patch trying to catch my attention. I’ve known that there are little snakes inhibiting my garden, but glimpses are very rare. It was an intense feeling that it was indeed there, watching and allowing the essence of its coiling energy to wrap around me. To feel Kundalini’s powerful serpentine energy circling warmth around me so quickly into the ritual was a jolt, yet a welcome one. It was such a spontaneous intense feeling. Throughout the Invocation of the Seven Holy Planets I felt the warmth circling around me and as I went from planet to planet a slight breeze came through the garden and cooled and refreshed my soul.

The ritual continued with the coiling energy building in intensity. As Magus I invoked the Inner Sun as the warmth continued to coil around me. I could almost feel and sense the shiny cool yet warm? serpent slinking around my body. I felt empowered and protected. The Magus called forth the Goddess from Her cave and the Sun seemed to shine even brighter. My senses were sharp and I could sense every bee and butterfly that inhibited my sacred space.

Lighting each candle during the prayers of the planets, I sensed the serpentine thread travel into each candle and onto the next weaving them together. And the feeling intensified more as the Sun Goddess arose from the cave. (I did smash a very small clay pot that I didn’t really need). And I could feel the serpent energy spin around and around in the Sun’s bright glow.

During my meditation I was encased in yellow orange light, soothing and nurturing, strength building and dancing around me. I finished by grounding in my garden, by feeling the moist earth in my hands.

And then suddenly I was being drenched by a Sun shower. I stood there and let the warm sparkling rain drops like kisses from the Sun Goddess bless me. I accepted Her warm gift and felt the coiling serpentine energy ground back into the earth. The ground wafted with the pungent smells of the moist earth. The Sun Goddess wrapped Her intense coiling arms of empowerment around me, caressing me with glowing spiraling warmth and then She gave me the added gift of her Sun soaked rain drop kisses.

My dreams have been filled with spiraling dances and each morning I look up at the dawning Sun and smile.

Sun Magic of the Life Force
By: Katinka

 When I started this ritual I perceived very soon that there were powerful forces at work. One could not underestimate these forces. During the meditation came the Goddess Ama-terasu radiant and surrounded by flames out of the cave. She embraced me and put me literally on fire. She asked me if I would like to be healed by her. I answered positive and felt old and nasty things burn away. To be honest I felt reluctant to let go of everything. But I put myself to it in a very conscious way. Old, built-in, defense techniques are no longer necessary anymore. Writing this I feel that something renewing and refreshing is set into motion. This Goddess and I looked out over a valley which looked like the beginning of time. A beautiful experience.

Sun Magic of the Life Force
By: Sophie. K. K.

As I curled up to become the awakening Amaterasu, I tried to sense what She must have heard and felt to bring Her awake. The image that came is hard to describe. There was a sense of having slept enough, just as I feel in the morning when I awaken. Then an image of sunrise, and as I/She stood up, I saw a skyline before me of breaking dawn, the skies growing brighter and finally the sun sailing up over the horizon. I also felt that Amaterasu was being dressed, or robed. I had a sense of handmaidens coming from behind to clothe Her and arrange Her hair in an elaborate and glorious Japanese costume. I saw a great gold-edged fan in Her left hand, that felt very important although I didn't receive any information on what it meant.

As I lit the central candle it seemed to connect with the others, like the center of a wheel that links with its spokes. There was a feeling of an engine starting up, a power gate being activated. I sat and contemplated this wheel for a while, and then asked the Goddess if She had a message for me. She appeared as She had been in the Rite of Abundance - a middle-aged Japanese woman in a dark red, plain kimono that looked like it was made from raw silk - nubby, textured like linen. She stated that this was a comfortable manifestation for Her and easier for me.

She held out Her cupped hands. I looked into them, and saw a tiny serpent, only about six inches long, bright gold, with flaming ruby-red eyes - so bright it seemed molten as if lit from within. She said that I was being offered this serpent to empower my life, and that if I accepted, my life would change beyond anything I knew or could imagine, but that it would be a positive change. I asked Her if I was strong enough to receive the serpent and She smiled. "That is why the energy is so small", She replied. "You will feel nothing at first, until you can manage the power. This is a spark - and from a spark can be built a mighty flame." She set the tiny serpent into my first chakra. I saw it glitter for a moment, like an ember, and then it sank into my aura and disappeared. Amaterasu said nothing further. She nodded, and faded away.

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