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Oliiva RobertsonOn Receiving the Oracle

Olivia Robertson writes:
(Personal correspondence of April 9th, 2003, included here with permission)

"I don't care from the dumb conduit sort of mediumship that ignores the views and spirituality of the medium. To me a Priestess is not a medium for the Goddess, serving Her as a handmaiden, but a spark from the starry body of Nuit. I believe one cannot commune with anybody, great or small, without a basic equality of latent divinity. Otherwise there would be no communion, only communication, an issuing of edicts from some Deity to a willing but in effect inferior creature, not a fellow in the Divine Spirit. When I look at a butterfly or a bluebell or a raindrop, I do not feel superior!"

"I do not lose consciousness. mine is an enhanced different sort consciousness, when I still my mind like a quiet pool and accept reflections from the Goddess Whom I invoke. That does not mean I am only a channel. I would not accept anything I thought wrong. It is a duet between Goddess and Priestess. It is most helpful when I can 'tune in' by the Well the evening before trying for the Oracle. We are not clones of Deity but individual rational feeling beings, equal in essence to the Divine All.

Olivia at the Temple Well

From the booklet "Sybil, Oracles of the Goddess" by Olivia:

"My own method is to receive the Oracle in an enhanced state of consciousness. At about seven in the evening, in our Temple of Isis, I invoke the Goddess whose Oracle I feel guided to receive. That night I strengthen the communion in sleep state. When I wake up at dawn, I return to the Temple at about six o'clock and sit by our Temple Well. It is there that I receive the flow of Power, which feels like an onrush of silver-white Light through my head, or a golden glow in spine and heart, according to the attributes of the Goddess invoked. Truth is related for me with white power: gold with love. Three hours later, after a period of creative meditation, I perform a simple rite in my drawing-room over the Temple. I light a candle and burn incense. I put well-water on my forehead and ask to receive the Oracle. Then, with my mind as blank as I can make it, I sit at my desk and wait for inspiration, prefaced by the Power.

"When the Oracle comes, it is swiftly without stop and I write as I receive it. My total consciousness is focussed on receiving the given concept, which I clothe with words. This is the trance of intense concentration and any interruption would give me acute shock. When the Oracle has been received, I give thanks at my shrine. Then I go over the written word and often re-write it many times so that I obtain as perfect a reproduction as possible of the original message. One could obtain a whole book from one spiritual conception. I am often surprised: I notice the divergence from my own way of thought. Lakshmi, worshipped by hundreds of millions of devotees in India, has a regal approach as confident as a mighty religious procession. Ama-Terasu, worshipped by Japanese Shintoists, is poetic, brilliant, subtle. Isis and Dana I have already seen and known. I always have a sense of communion with a real Being.

"This reality of the Deities as actual Beings is a sticking point with many people in our century. I have heard occultists describe Deities as embodied 'egrigors,' Jungian archetypes, a conglomerate of human thought-forms. The weakness of this is that is anthropomorphic. Why should such occultists think that they are real, existing in a soup of high-class archetypes 'up there' and Freudian thought-forms 'down there', all mere products of the human mass subconscious? Deity is acknowledged only as a sort of permeating essence rather like an electricity supply. This subjectivism to be valid should apply to humans as well. Why should our evolution be the only real one?

"It is not. There are less evolved and more evolved beings than ourselves inhabiting the Multi-Universe. Admittedly the portrayal of Pallas Athena sounds like an Homeric Archetype of armed Wisdom: the naked Aphrodite with her doves, a symbol for Love. But divine Beings can take upon Themselves the forms that we create from Them. The compassionate Sophia, The Holy Spirit of Divine Wisdom, shows Herself to Catholics as Maria, a pale-skinned Maiden robed in white: in China she comes with golden skin and slanting eyes, wearing red and gold, and they call Her Kwan Yin, Goddess of Mercy.

"The Deities have Their own Bodies of varying coloured radiations, stronger and more beautiful than anything we can imagine. Yet we and all other beings partake in Their Glory because we are all born of the Cosmic Mother. We project our shadow selves into incarnation in order to learn through experience. We develop discrimination and will power through choosing the good, and rejecting evil. Some hardy souls prefer to spend self-directed life-times of suffering, and so evolve through lone effort. Others who follow the path of the Mysteries gladly ask for and receive help from Those qualified to give it. These Oracles are for those who are willing to accept guidance in their efforts to bring the Divine Plan to fruition on earth.

"Whether the Oracles are read before sleep, to bring beautiful astral projections, or are used in groups for particular purpose, may they bring direct communion between the Reader and the Goddess."

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