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Copyrighted Photo
Olivia Robertson, Foundation Center Temple High Altar
© Dennis Murphy, Logic Media

When an invocation is made to the Goddess, and Her Oracle is read,
the lone seeker may experience all that many worshippers can
enjoy in a temple with others: even more, if the soul be ready.
Olivia Robertson, "Sophia"


Olivia Robertson writes about being the Oracle

FOI Oracle of the Month

June 2020
Oracle: Goddess Atlanta
Book: Isis of Alchemy
By: Olivia Robertson

Audio: Click to listen to Olivia Robertson
(mp3 / 1.4 mb / 3:04 mins / © copyright reserved)

Mysterious Atlanta, Goddess of lost worlds, Who like a comet unites all spheres in glorious harmony, bring us inspiration that we may create beauty around us.

Fly with Me above past, present and future, and gaze down upon the landscape of Eternity! This is the new aeon of cosmic consciousness. Each of you chose to be born at this time of the great awakening. We whom you call the Immortals summon the Divine hidden within each soul. Animals and birds: trees, earth and sea respond.

Through the gateway of dreams you shall reap the harvest of past and future lives, and gain the seeds of your own Divinity. The limitations of the human brain have restricted you from rising above the duality of good and its shadow, evil. Your heritage is love and happiness. Do not fear evil. All that is ugly, cruel and distorted dissipates into nothingness - because it is ignored ... there is no evil in Heaven. Only the Divine belongs there.

You shall with brave hearts explore the spiritual realms of the stars, and dream in black space. You will encircle many-coloured planets and discover the lovers who await you. And when you have had your fill of enjoyment, then is the time for you to join with Us in Our work of creation. You shall help Us weave the tapestry of the stars, and form a dewdrop in one small flower.

(c) Olivia Robertson, FOI co-founder
FOI-Crossroads Media, All Rights Reserved
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With the permission of Olivia Robertson, the FOI Oracle of the Month has been provided as a service of the Crossroads Lyceum since 1998 and was acknowledged in the FOI Newsletter, Issue #104.

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