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Olivia Robertson, Foundation Center Temple High Altar
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When an invocation is made to the Goddess, and Her Oracle is read,
the lone seeker may experience all that many worshippers can
enjoy in a temple with others: even more, if the soul be ready.
Olivia Robertson, "Sophia"


Olivia Robertson writes about being the Oracle

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November 2018
Oracle: The Goddess Ariadne
Book: "Dea, Rites and Mysteries of the Goddess"
By: Olivia Robertson

Listen to Olivia Robertson as the Oracle
(mp3 / 1.5 mb / 3:14 mins)

Wise Ariadne of the deep sea, High Fruitful Mother of the Barley, thou whose starry crown of Thetis shines in the heavens, bring us thy guidance. Skilful weaver of the shining thread of Life that holds all spheres in patterned beauty, inspire us with thy wisdom! Thou who art above the Labyrinth of the mind, aid us in our thought. For thou, daughter of Truth art wed with fiery Dionysus of the fruitful vine, and so from Truth and Love bring all creatures into harmony.

When you are young, you seek that which is like yourself. And you reject the non-self and call it your enemy. But when you grow into maturity, you seek the not-self, for in this is your completion. And so through reconciliation with the enemy comes creation. For the votary of high spiritual Truth needs the warm glory of the Lover, lest she freezes into an ice maiden. And the Lover, demoniac in his passions, seeks the Ice Maiden that will still his ardour. And between these two comes the harmony of the spheres.

As you face the gateway into birth you receive my shining cord. But as you penetrate deeper and still deeper into the Labyrinth of time and space, the thread becomes thinner, more ghostly. For as you remember my thread, it becomes strong; and when you forget it, it wanes. As you move through the years you leave behind you a spiral pattern of the thread, that brings you memory of your true being. Yet you look ahead and see no light: the light is behind you.

When you reach the nadir of the Labyrinth, and face that which you most fear, you may drop the thread. But fear not! I am always with you, though you see me not. I am Conscience, and my Mother is Nature and my Father is Philosophy. Call upon me and I shall aid you: so are you saved by my grace, and not by your own will. And this must be. For who would be saved through the separate self, rather than be aided by the Immortal Beloved!

So you return through the mazy windings of the Labyrinth, but now you face the cord and it gleams before you like my Silver Snake. And when you reach the entrance of the Double Axe, you soar above the Maze and look down upon it. And now you see the meaning of the pattern, and enjoy its beauty. And you aid others who lose their way in it as you did, and lead them to their goal.

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