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Olivia Robertson, Foundation Center Temple High Altar
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When an invocation is made to the Goddess, and Her Oracle is read,
the lone seeker may experience all that many worshippers can
enjoy in a temple with others: even more, if the soul be ready.
Olivia Robertson, "Sophia"


Olivia Robertson writes about being the Oracle

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June 2017
Oracle: The Goddess Gangur
Book: "Ishtar of the Starry Heavens"
By: Olivia Robertson

Invocation & Oracle by Olivia Robertson
(mp3 file / 1.0 mb / 2:00 mins)

Holy Goddess Gangur, Who from the darkness bringeth forth the sacred river of Being, Guardian of the helpless, those too weak to help themselves, victims, whom you nourish with the waters of infinite love, we invoke Thee.

Life may be compared to a courageous family fleeing from present danger from war, disease and death by building a boat on a river which will bring them to a far haven. But the wise ones of their village warn this family of the dangers ahead, of cataracts, of floods, of the descent of the river below the earth where it becomes black and poisonous. They beg them to stay where they are, where they can survive by following their ancient ways.

But some intrepid men and women choose to follow the way of the Mysteries. The temptations that beset them range from arrogance to despair. My way is to teach such pilgrims to empty themselves of ego and accept a Guide. At dawn and dusk the psychic veil thins, and followers of the Mysteries learn to acknowledge the presence of Divine Spirits whom they cannot see, hear, nor touch with physical senses. We you call Deities, dwell in All Time, so we may foretell coming dangers.

Heed our counsel, and we will bring you to a safe haven, All Space, the Source of all that is.

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