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Olivia Robertson, Foundation Center Temple High Altar
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When an invocation is made to the Goddess, and Her Oracle is read,
the lone seeker may experience all that many worshippers can
enjoy in a temple with others: even more, if the soul be ready.
Olivia Robertson, "Sophia"


Olivia Robertson on being the Oracle

FOI Oracle of the Month

September 2023
Oracle: Goddess Radha
Book: Isis of Alchemy
By: Olivia Robertson

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I invoke the Goddess Radha, eighth Daughter of the Goddess Laksmi. You Who are, the Divine Bride of the God Krishna, help us to bring harmony between men and women, so that we may save the earth from pollution by mankind.

When you invoke the Goddess, you may not succeed unless you awaken the Goddess within yourself! This divine awakening has its dangers: you may develop arrogance, ambition and loneliness. Men and women dread separation; yet this comes when consciousness expands beyond the usual. The ego-driven Initiate craves for companionship. But this very longing can lead either to domination or subservience. And both these modes inhibit love.

This abuse of relationship extends to human treatment of animals. These are exploited and cruelly treated: but are also adored as substitute children, weakening wild creatures into "pets".

Most amusing of all, you treat Us whom you label "Gods and Goddesses" in the same way! We who try to help your progress towards true humanity are either worshipped by contemptible obsequiousness - prostrations and sacrifices - or we are ordered around by legally-framed prayers, tying us to “promises" we are alleged to have made to your ancestors.

Find the wild child within each of you. For that inner Being, so friendly, so enquiring, so courageous, is the Divinity that aspires to the stars.

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With the permission of Olivia Robertson, the FOI Oracle of the Month has been provided as a service of the Crossroads Lyceum since 1998 and was acknowledged in the FOI Newsletter, Issue #104.

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