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Olivia Robertson, Foundation Center Temple High Altar
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When an invocation is made to the Goddess, and Her Oracle is read,
the lone seeker may experience all that many worshippers can
enjoy in a temple with others: even more, if the soul be ready.
Olivia Robertson, "Sophia"


Olivia Robertson on being the Oracle

FOI Oracle of the Month

August 2022
Oracle: Goddess Urania
Book: Brigid of the Rainbow Planets
By: Olivia Robertson

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The arts of magic inspire the soul, but tempt it to control rather than to aspire. The wise use of magical powers involve invoking the Deities with honor and respect. Let us invoke the Goddess Urania, of the planet Uranus: Before even the Olympian Gods showed Themselves to humanity, you, Urania, with your twin brother Uranus, were among the Titans who created the elements of planetary being, which are the mirrors of the stars!

Your souls have been brought into being in this nursery planet to achieve this very purpose: to attain the stars through your biological bodies, the hardest and therefore the most worthy of all tasks. Yours is the arduous ordeal of millions of years to transform the basic biological elements into spiritual Light amidst the holy darkness, your material. Some tread the hard-working path of Epimetheus, the scientist who measures the past, that which is known, and so can be evaluated and used. Many pursue the path of the householder, loving and caring for others, a most blessed path But amongst you are my special children, those who dare to steal the fire of the Gods - such a man was Prometheus.

I cannot and do not wish to change your human nature. Such a forced transformation would be tyrannous. The conversion that is forced is no enlightenment but rather slavery. So I do not emphasise the terrible fate of Prometheus, who abused Cosmic Fire and paid the penalty. He is restored through the aeons of time. Rather do I encourage you to dare and to do - but always with the proviso that you consider others. For true love is that which sets free, whether an Elemental spirit, a country you rule - or a fellow human that you either love or hate.

Come to me - but be not bound by me. Find your own way to the stars!

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