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Olivia Robertson, Foundation Center Temple High Altar
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When an invocation is made to the Goddess, and Her Oracle is read,
the lone seeker may experience all that many worshippers can
enjoy in a temple with others: even more, if the soul be ready.
Olivia Robertson, "Sophia"


Olivia Robertson writes about being the Oracle

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September 2017
Oracle: The Goddess Venus
Book: "Melusina, Life Centres of the Goddess"
By: Olivia Robertson

Invocation & Oracle by Olivia Robertson
(mp3 file / 2.3 mb / 4:54 mins)

I invoke thee, divine Venus, Goddess of Love. Thou art adored as Ishtar of Babylon, Hathor of Egypt, and Lakshmi of India, and Dana of Eire. Thy power is felt throughout the earth. Yet too long have we turned from Thee, giving our praise rather to the Gods of power, law and intellect. Return to us before it is too late and our earth is polluted by greed, fear and hatred.

My daughter, you do well to invoke me. Man is a lonely being surrounded by the creations of his own mind. Yet this very intellect has severed his communion with the Deities. The cosmic language of telepathy, still enjoyed by animals, birds and plants, has been severed and is only used by simple tribesmen whose cultures are now threatened. Without communion of hearts, there is no love. Without love, humanity perishes.

Loneliness is the scourge of your age. It is loneliness that leads men to wage war, to seize possessions, to ignore the sufferings of millions of starving people. This loneliness leads to contempt for animals, who are cruelly exploited by mankind. I say man, because women, so far mercifully protected from what you call a good education, still retain some psychic powers.

Open your hearts to the Goddess of Love, and you will experience Divine communion - not in the future after years of religious practices, but now! 'Now' is eternal, containing all time and place. The greater contains the lesser. Thus through Divine communion you will find your own heart's lover and your own spiritual family. And as you extend this love it will naturally, without elaborate exercises, reach every creature within your orbit.

You need to smile more! I come through laughter, tears, friendliness. If you feel hatred, jealousy, envy, do not be upset! These unpleasant emotions will dissolve, not through suppressing them, but rather allowing them to flow through you and dissolve, as they do naturally. It is a way of sloughing off what is irrelevant. For evil is unreal, irrelevant, merely a part of the stage ordeals which We arrange for your progress! Do not be angry with the Deities. Though there is much to anger you, when you come to realise that all your loneliness, suffering and apparent accidents were arranged by the Fates for your welfare!

The way to experience love is to enjoy the small part of love for others which you already possess! Love one dog and you learn to love all. Through love for a beautiful person, you extend to love the ugly, the evil, the stupid. For love grows stage by stage and the Goddess of Love does not subtract: she adds. One friend becomes many, and you will add the Deities to your acquaintance. Do not be spiritual climbers! Love the lowly and you will find among them disguised Gods and Goddesses.

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