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Each of our students is provided a personal advisor. Path-Guides are long-term members who have gone through extensive training with our Lyceum, as well as have obtained years of additional experience on their own in various spiritual subjects. On this page we include our current and some former Path Guides (retired or on sabbatical) in order to give you an idea of our wide variety of members. All of them are Priestesses within the Fellowship of Isis, and may also be Hierophants and/or Adepts. Our Lyceum respects the independence and privacy of our members, and will offer support and guidance on the Lyceum curriculum whenever needed. You may read more about each individual advisor on their profiles below. Please also see the comments page for letters of recommendation.

Art by Olivia Robertson
© Olivia Robertson
(included with permission)

Founder: Connia Silver
(3 syllables with accent on the 2nd: "ka-NEE-ah")

In 1993, Connia Silver founded the Crossroads Lyceum. As a writer and educator, she has many years of experience in encouraging individuals along their own spiritual journey on the path of the Goddess. She is also a contributing author in the anthologies: "Priestesses, Pythonesses & Sybils; The Sacred Voices of Women who Speak with and for the Gods," and "Hekate, Her Sacred Fires", both by Avalonia Press.

Connia's educational background consists of a BA in Media Arts from a traditional University, and a non-traditional Master's and Doctorate in Metaphysics. Some of her other spiritual interests include: Founder of In Her Name ~ Temple of Learning, Torchbearer for the Covenant of Hekate, teacher and practitioner of several different Energy Modalities, Suenadora (Dream worker), and member of the Theosophical Society. She lives with her husband and companion animals in the Sonoran Desert, where they explore the practices of organic and sustainable living.

She writes: I am dedicated to acknowledging the Old Ways, re-discovering the traditions and ways of the Goddess, and passing that knowledge on to others in a way that they may incorporate it into their modern-day lives. I deeply feel that wisdom may be found in all paths. A Hierophant is someone who walks their own Path of Truth and who holds out the torch so that the next person may find their own way a little more clearly and hopefully, joyfully as well! Her Gentle Blessings to one and all.


Lady Mystl
(current PG)
Lady Mystl is a Priestess Hierophant and Adept who founded the Lyceum of Hathor's Mirror in 2005. She writes: I have been following the Goddess ever since I can remember, but really didn't know that was what I was doing. I guess I have always had some 'ability', but was scared, didn't fully understand what it was that I was able to do. I discovered Wicca back in the late 80's and early 90's, studied it, was ordained to High Priestess, and held classes from home and various occult stores in our city, for many years. Unfortunately for us in Australia, there are not many honest and legitimate esoteric schools that offer 'faceless' instruction, guidance and support. So, I joined the Fellowship of Isis, and Lady Olivia (Robertson) suggested the Crossroads Lyceum to study with, and here I am! I was granted permission to open an Iseum, which is Hathor's Mirror, and I was ordained as Hathor's priestess last Yule for me, last Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere (2001).


(current PG)
Eliana was a teacher for many years before recently retiring from service. She is now a historical fiction writer, currently working on her second novel. She is dedicated to the Goddess Athena and likes to work with the Greco-Roman deities. Eliana enjoys traveling and is proud that she attended the first Goddess Conference in Glastonbury, England in 1996. In her spare time, she enjoys writing, reading, traveling, painting, dancing, but also has a deep love for animals and endangered wildlife, calling on Artemis as the Great Protectress of animals in need. Eliana is an ordained Priestess in the Fellowship of Isis.


Former Path Guides:

Angelica Camp
Angelica Camp passed to Spirit Sphere in 2021. Angelica was joyfully dedicated to Isis and Osiris; Sekhmet and Maat, and served them since the mid 1970's. In 1995, they led her to the Fellowship of Isis, where she enrolled in the Crossroads Lyceum and was ordained in the year 2000. She was the founder of the Iseum of Aset's Heku, dedicated to Aset & Asar. Her path was one of service and one that she followed with lots of love and laughter. She truly believed that both are required to advance and succeed in any lifetime. In her secular life she earned her living as a CPA ("that is not who I am but what I do"). In her free time she loved to read, spend time with her son, friends, and much beloved animal companions.

She wrote: There are as many paths up the mountain as there are drops of water in the ocean and there is no single one that is right for everyone. I have, however, dedicated my life to teaching others by example and word the wisdom, love and joy of the Goddess. She is not an untouchable Deity to be petitioned and adored from afar but is an intimate friend who you live with, love with and laugh with on a daily basis. May the bounties of Her love be yours.


Estara T'shirai
Estara joined the Crossroads Lyceum in February of 1995, was consecrated a Priestess Hierophant in 2000 and appointed to the (now dissolved) Archpriesthood Union in 2003. She was also co-editor of Isis-Seshat, a former magazine of the Fellowship of Isis. She is dedicated to Morgan le Fay, Artemis, and Freya. Estara is also the founder of the Lyceum of the Wayfarer, which is dedicated to Morgan and Manannan Mac Lir focusing on faery work and Archdruidess of the Star Blossom Grove in the Druid Clan of Dana. She is a published writer, wife, mother of one, and slave of two cats.


Grainne has been on the Goddess path since the late 1980's. She was drawn to the Crossroads Lycem in 1999, and was ordained as Priestess in 2004. She is involved with womens' spirituality and practices Shamanic Journeying. Grainne is a Rieki Master Teacher of Traditional Reiki. She enjoys reading, drumming, playing with her cats, gardening, volunteering, walking and communing with nature, and studying herbs and trees. Grainne also is a FOI Adept and founder of the Iseum of Brighid's Sacred Hawthorne. She is happily married and lives with one cat, Didi, one guinea pig named Uncle Piggly and a mouse named Beeboo.


Nimue joined the Crossroads Lyceum in 2002, was ordained a Priestess at Ostara of 2005, and Ostara of 2008, founded the Iseum of the Sacred Hearth of Selene. She is dedicated to the Goddesses Selene, Brigid, Bastet, and Freya. Joyfully serving in her vocation as artist and teacher, she believes that the creative impulse can open the door to spiritual self-discovery, revealing one's connection to the divine as it exists within and all around us, at our very fingertips. Nimue felt the transforming touch of the Goddess long before she understood the meaning of that touch, and when she began her Lyceum studies she found that the depth of her connection to the Goddess was both a revelation and the most natural thing in the world, like a long-awaited homecoming. She loves gardening by the moontides, dabbles in herbalism and devotes a portion of her time to animal causes by volunteering time and artwork to local rescue organizations. She lives with a loving husband, five children of Bastet and an Australian Shepherd.


White Raven Woman
White Raven Woman is an artist, herbalist, aromatherapist, writer and Wise Woman. She has been the facilitator of women's circles, drumming circles, seasonal celebrations and Rites of Passage ceremonies for over a decade. However, her most important spiritual lessons are those learned by being a wife and mother. She is dedicated as a Priestess to the Goddesses Menerva, Epona, Morgan and Vesta. Since joining the Fellowship of Isis and Crossroads Lyceum in 2002, she's learned the true meaning of her vocation: To help others to create art in order to light the spark of their spirit in order to know Goddess more fully. White Raven Woman is the founder of the Three Ravens Iseum. She writes: "Every time we create, no matter the medium we use, we light the fire within and allow ourselves to embrace Divinity. This is the true gift of creation."


Other retired Path Guides that we do not have summaries for:
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