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The Crossroads Correspondence Lyceum:

  • Encourages its members to commune with the Goddesses and Gods of their own choosing. The Fellowship of Isis is dedicated to the Goddess of Ten-Thousand Names and all aspects of Deity that reflect the qualities of Love, Beauty and Truth are given due honor.
  • Provides home-study courses that emphasize basic skills and exploration of inner knowledge through hands-on experience, meditations and exercises. They are both experiential and academic in nature.
  • Combines various metaphysical, mystical and spiritual principles. We do not give instruction in any specific tradition, but concentrate on the core elements that are universal to many mystery schools. Our courses are eclectic in nature.
  • Offers a self-directed course of study that accommodates to each member's individual needs. Courses may be completed on the student's own schedule, and a personal advisor is provided to offer assistance when necessary.
  • Honors the individual privacy of its students. We are an all-correspondence Lyceum and no travel is required at any time. All courses and rituals are carried out in the member's own home and consecration rites are done via attunement.

Triple Goddess by Olivia Robertson
© Olivia Robertson
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All of our courses are written to enhance personal spiritual growth and to develop a deeper relationship with the Goddess. We also provide the opportunity for members to study and follow the Fellowship of Isis degree systems. To read some of our students' experiences with the coursework and rituals, please see the Iseum/Temple page. (link opens in a new tab)

Iseum Initiate Levels & Lyceum Magi Degrees

Through the study of course materials and enactment of ritual, our Paths include the opportunity to obtain FOI Initiate Levels and Magi Degrees. Degrees/Levels are methods used to chart personal spiritual growth within the Fellowship of Isis. They represent the attainment of Divine Awareness while enacting a Fellowship ritual.

FOI Priesthood Program

Our 3-Path Program may be completed in as little as 1 year, and this program is for students who are already experienced in the Goddess mysteries. Our Extensive Program is for those who may have less experience, as well as for those who wish to acquire more in-depth study. This program may take up to 2 years, depending upon the number of Paths the student first wishes to complete.

Adepthood & Hierophant Consecrations

Our members who attain 4 Initiate Levels may request Adepthood within the Fellowship of Isis. A personal Specialty is dedicated to the Goddess. Students who attain 4 Magi Degrees may request to become a Hierophant within the Fellowship and found their own Lyceum.

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