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As well as our work of our correspondence Lyceum, we also have the following centers within the different societies of the Fellowship of Isis. All were certified directly by the Hon. Olivia Robertson, co-founder of the Fellowship of Isis.

Peace RoseCrossroads Iseum:

A sacred Hearth Temple of the Goddess within the FOI. It allows our members to participate in various forms of community service, and to share their own work and spiritual experiences with others. All members of the Crossroads Lyceum are members of this Iseum as well. Please see the Iseum section of our website for more information.

Gardens for GaiaNoble Order of Tara,
Gardens for Gaia Priory:

This Priory has several subchapters with the purpose of promoting individual responsibility for the preservation of Nature. It is dedicated to Gaia, Flora & Fauna, with many sub-chapter gardens dedicated to other Deities as well.

Our focus is on what each individual can do within their own garden and neighborhood, such as organic gardening, working with the local nature spirits, raising your own vegetables/herbs, recycling, composting, solar energy, supporting local plants/animals etc.

Desert at NightDruid Clan of Dana,
Sacred Grove of the Starry Desert:

This Grove honors the indigenous Deities of Star Woman and Corn Woman through its healing and mystical work.

It is located in a small natural grove of desert Mesquite trees. Some of these trees are over 200 years old and sweep to the ground forming a natural circle. At night when we step out from underneath their branches, we see millions of stars and the brilliant moon illuminating the Sonoran Desert. We follow an adaptive Druidic path that allows us to honor all wisdom teachings.

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