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Our center encourages and promotes volunteer work that our members perform within their local communities. Those listed in this section regularly devote their time to a wide range of services. By doing so, they are helping others and at the same time, paying tribute to the Goddess of Ten-Thousand Names. We are honored to highlight their contributions on this page and to also be a part of the FOI's "Helpers of Isis" special project.

See also Olivia Robertson's letter of support.


Alexandria: Wisconsin, USA
I work with humans and animals providing Reiki and herbal treatments. I also sponsor adopt abused farm animals and endangered marine life.

Alice "Cat Lady": New York, USA
Heart and Soul Animal Rescue. Rescues cats from pounds to find them good homes I spend a half hour each week making sure the cats are fed, watered and have clean litter. But the best part is playing with them and giving them the love they need until they find their permanent homes!

Ann: Tennessee, USA
Goodwill and Of One Accord Ministries

Asteria FaeryDrake: Michigan, USA
Public Urban Ritual Experiment. Brings peace and healing through bellydance.

Burning Snow: Virginia, USA
Wild Bird Rehabilitator and Pagan Prison Outreach.

Christine: Western Australia
Lifeline telephone counselor and trainer

Dana: Florida, USA
Volunteer Literacy Program, mentoring position.

Dawn W.: New York, USA
Girl Scouts of America. I find it to be important to play a part in helping nurture strong girls.

Estara T'shirai: California, USA
Estara's Iseum/Lyceum raised funds for Habitat for Humanity in New Orleans. Established a group at (listed under "religious groups"). We are also sponsors of The Witches' Voice, a Pagan networking and educational Web site.

Fand: Pennsylvania, USA
Volunteer at local fire and ambulance associations, EMT certified.

Grainne: New York, USA
Volunteer at local environmental center and community supported agriculture.

Gwendolyn: Oregon, USA
Regularly volunteers at the clothing bank and is active in rainforest conservation.

Jason C.: Oklahoma, USA
I do healing work (Reiki) for the elderly at my local YMCA. I love working to provide healing and the easing of pain through theraputic touch for those whose bodies are slowing down and are more prone to injury.

Jennifer M.: California, USA
Teaches classes for children through the Police Activities League. Also an active volunteer for the Community Crisis and Help line.

Jessie: Colorado, USA
Volunteer teacher at local UU church and also speaks about Paganism and Witchcraft to different groups. Soup Kitchen volunteer and provides free daycare three days a week for several friends. "I know I am called by the Goddess to serve and I find many fulfilling ways to do this in my community."

Lady Klea Roe: Santa Cruz, CA Volunteer Docent at Wilder Ranch, a living History State Park. Also works with children and family groups to provide historic re-enactment of California History, a life coach, and offers time to women for career planning and transitioning from abuse backgrounds.

Lady Mystl: Victoria, Australia
Human Resources and Community Health - volunteer with intellectually disabled young people. Helping intellectually disabled people with social skills and social interaction, how to get about on their own e.g. public transport, taxi cabs etc.

Judith: New Jersey, USA
Hospice Care, animal shelter, Heifer Project and the Seva Foundation.

Juniper: Utah, USA
Escalante House, helping with their Wilderness Project and to organize a housing community for people with MCS.

Laurie: Minnesota, USA
Practices daily charitable works in community for those in need. My volunteer work is like my life - very independent!

Luna: Arizona, USA
Wildlife rescue foundation, hotline volunteer and donates artwork for charity fundraisers.

Marsha: Virginia, USA Greyhound Pets of America - a national, non-profit organization dedicated to finding responsible, loving homes for ex-racing greyhounds. National GPA web address: I work to educate the public about greyhound adoption. Activities include: handing out brochures, doing children's programs, local media interviews, visiting pet stores, marching in parades. These gentle, noble, sweet-tempered, intelligent, clean, and quiet hounds make great pets.

Moonblood: Washington, USA
Division of Developmental Disabilities - Resource Developer. I work with children with developmental disabilities and their families. I help find and recruit foster parents. Even though it is tough at times, I enjoy making a difference in these individuals lives. I am committed to help change societal views on this population and ensuring that my clients are treated with respect and dignity.

Patricia: Massachusetts, USA
Volunteer teacher for children and youth ministry at local UU church.

Taurin: Oregon, USA
Recertified instructor and teacher for Red Cross in CPR/First Aid with the AED, Infant/Child CPR/First Aid, and Babysitter's Training. Leader and Membership coordinator of my Girl Scout Service Unit and Wolf Den Leader in Cub Scouts. I try to keep my work within the realm of what is important to me. It is very important to me that my family has an environment where they are aware of the needs of others-not just human either. :)

Wendi J.: California, USA
La Leche League Leader. Works with breastfeeding mothers to offer them support.

White Raven Woman: Massachusetts, USA
Founder of Pagans for Preemies, an organization that crochets and knits items for preemies in a local hospital. If everyone were to give freely and lovingly of themselves without any thoughts of tax deductions, personal image or ulterior motives, then things would have to change. The loving, healing energy we send out would continue to grow, reaching everyone on the planet eventually. What a world it would be then!

Valerie: Tennesee, USA
Red Cross certified volunteer. It feels so good being able to do some volunteer work!

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